Virgo: About Virgo Dates, Astrology and Horoscope

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Virgo: About Virgo Dates, Astrology and HoroscopeAbout Virgo
Virgo Characteristic
Virgo man
Virgo woman
Virgo Compatibility

Zodiac sign Virgo (August 24 – September 23)

Those born under the zodiac sign Virgo (August 24 – September 23) are brought up, attentive, have logical thinking, and are convinced that if you undertake to do something, you must do it qualitatively and flawlessly. Virgo appreciates and welcomes deep knowledge, she has many different hobbies. In people, the sign of the zodiac Virgo (August 24 – September 23) is too exaggerated the measure of human values, which makes them make every effort to get closer to the ideal. If desired, Virgo is able to achieve great success in any kind of activity.

Virgo zodiac sign by birth periods

Virgo zodiac sign (August 24 – September 2). The greatest influence at birth on these people had the sun. They have a well developed sense of conformity and consistency, they are balanced, prone to sedentary pastime.
The numbers that contribute to happiness and luck: 21, 31, 50, 51.

Zodiac Virgo (September 3 – September 11). The greatest impact at birth on these people had Venus. They are cautious, shyly timid, often there are Virgos, who all their lives are faithful only to one love.
Numbers that contribute to happiness and luck: 16, 21, 24, 31, 32, 40, 50.

Zodiac Virgo (September 12 – September 23). The greatest impact at birth on these people had a Mercury. They are restrained, quick-witted, sometimes prone to idleness, often creating late family unions.
The numbers that contribute to happiness and luck: 16, 21, 24, 30, 31, 33, 41, 50.

Virgo Characteristic

Virgo zodiac sign is a fusion of well-developed and business-like intelligence, outstanding creative abilities with the recognition of all that gives practical useful results, does not lose touch with real life.

The initial acquaintance with the people of the zodiac sign Virgo does not leave an indelible impression, they are often timid with outsiders, however, they are endowed with an extraordinary talent to clearly see the essence of the problem. Those born under the sign of the zodiac Virgo have increased susceptibility, are not stupid, able-bodied, punctual, clean, meticulous, charming and faithful. Among the people of the Virgo zodiac sign are prominent philosophers and mentally gifted personalities. Virgos are so eager to get closer to the ideal that they ultimately understand how a person is imperfect and all the illusions about his capabilities are dispelled, they lose faith in man. For joy and satisfaction with life, the people of the zodiac sign Virgo often lacks subtlety in relationships, they lose friends due to excessively high life principles.

The main character trait of Virgo people is endless progress, the insistent desire for the continuous development of their qualities. These are exceptionally glorious and complacent comrades, eschew frivolous acts, recognize only what gives practical and useful results. People of this sign are not carried away by plans and scientific teachings.

Virgo’s zodiac is probably one of the most difficult and deep in nature signs. They need material and spiritual values, progress, analysis, reflection and concept.

Virgin pessimists do not trust the words and do not trust the instinct. They split in between curiosity and fear, they are anxious, they prefer to weigh everything first, and only then carry it out. Sometimes they think too long, as a result of which there is no surprise, they miss moments and favorable circumstances.

There are 3 groups of Virgo zodiac sign people:

1. He has the ability to control his emotions and actions, in most cases he feels hesitated, does not allow himself any excesses.
2. Immoral, willing to influence and rule, have the ruthlessness of self-love.
3. Combined type, which occupies a middle position between the two types.

Negative traits of people born under the sign of the zodiac Virgo: excessive caution, morality, reaching to hypocrisy, sometimes one-sidedness.

Virgo man

The Virgo man, tirelessly looking for a woman who would fit his ideal. No need to deceive him, because he is very well versed in people and perfectly sees the advantages and disadvantages. The Virgo man wants true and equal unity. He clearly understands that it is extremely difficult to find a woman with the demands that he makes, but he will reject even a little bit of his ideal.

Virgo man is quite difficult to force to surrender to the feeling entirely. At times, he is able to stay close to you for quite a long time and not even hint about his feelings. You might think that Virgo man is a heartless person. However, this statement is wrong and a woman who has enough exposure, to make sure of this. At that moment, when the Man-Virgin realizes that the woman you are and that is the only one, the attitude will immediately change. The fire of love will burn in his heart, which burns without bright bursts characteristic of other constellations of the Zodiac, but is able to protect from any weather. For the sake of the beloved, the man of the sign Virgo is ready to give up his interests and values, and until his death his feelings will not fade.

The Virgo man will not give his wife a reason to doubt his loyalty and will make every effort to protect her from emotional distress and financial problems. At the same time, he must always feel your presence around him. A Virgo man will always be able to calm down if you are upset or your soul hurts, as if a nurse will care if you are unwell. You will feel a caring and sensitive attitude to yourself, you will have everything you need, but the unreasonable spending is not in the rules of the Virgo men zodiac sign.

Virgo man is extremely sensitive to trifles, which play an important role in the life of the weaker sex. Never forgets for you little meaningful and memorable dates for you, even if he does not understand their significance. Under no circumstances will not make a public accusations of your infidelity, but do not forget that the man in the sign of the zodiac Virgo is one-man. And if he suspects you of infidelity, then one day, after returning from a walk, you can no longer see him.

In the event that you have lost your head from a man of this zodiac sign, be sure to comprehend what you intend to say. The Virgo man does not tolerate brainlessness and lack of education either or even more than heinousness, vulgarity and rudeness.

Virgo man does not carry the opportunity to become a parent, because to prove their own “I” they absolutely do not need offspring. For this reason, in most cases they have an extremely small family. And if the child is still born, the Man of the Sign Virgo will surround him with care, since he has an extremely highly developed paternal sense of duty. He will bring up his child with pleasure and spend a lot of time with him, and will focus on mental improvement.

In the event that the foregoing did not shake your decision and the choice nevertheless fell on a man born under the sign of the zodiac Virgo, then you will get a highly intelligent, educated and perhaps a little passionless husband. He is faithful, sympathetic, sweet, especially when you are correct enough and will not pay attention to his mistakes and omissions. Frankly speaking, there are no more Maiden Virgo defects in Men, and maybe less than in other people.

Virgo woman

A Virgo woman, for the sake of a man close to her heart, can leave her husband without hesitation. She would rather choose an illegitimate child from an adored man, than to agree to marry a woman with a mother. Women Virgo from the category of those people who accept all sorts of vicissitudes of fortune boldly, steadfastly and proudly.

Virgo women are very timid, do not yell at meetings, do not drive while drunk and do not like to be at non-credible parties. At the same time, Virgo is a real woman who will fight for success and success in her own life. In the case when difficulties arise, the woman of this zodiac sign will not cry, go unconscious and ask for assistance, and will try to solve them.

As soon as the Virgo woman realizes that the feeling with which her heart is filled is true, she will cherish him as a treasure and has absolutely no meaning for her whether she is married or not. Virgo is one of the twelve constellations of the Zodiac, whose people are capable of being both big dreamers and insanely thought-out creatures at the same time. In the heart feelings of a woman, Virgo there is some magical basis, the distinctive features of which is privilege and tremendous power, in comparison with which the amorous affairs of the rest of the zodiac signs go out imperceptibly. However, to ignite such love in Virgo is not easy.

The Virgo woman is not perfect, but with her whole essence to all that is perfect. It has a number of negative features of character, which at times considerably unnerves others. So, Virgo has a developed confidence that only they are able to carry out their plans well and correctly and this is depressing, since in most cases this is true. If a Virgo Woman is upset or indignant for any reason, then she will not make loud quarrels and split the delinquent kitchen utensils on the skull box, but will scream, scold or openly scold.

The woman of the Virgo zodiac sign can be described as a standard of stamina and immutability in feelings, relationships, in the performance of her duties and duty. Sometimes you can inadvertently learn about the intimate adventures of the beloved, but for her it is only an opportunity to confirm your own significance and rightness. In most cases, these antics are not frequent and very short-lived. If the Virgo woman decides to stand on the road of immoral behavior, she will commit this act so skillfully that no one in any century smells anything. However, not every Virgo commits such acts, and even that is very rare. In most cases, when a woman really has heartfelt feelings for you, there is absolutely no need to doubt her loyalty and all suspicions should be thrown away.

Virgo is very observant, which means that you should not even try to fool her, because this is extremely difficult to implement. Truth for the Woman of the Virgin has the same meaning as the beautiful. She will show her inner world only to the person whom she absolutely believes. Despite her restraint, including some indecision, she has tremendous inner energy and deep intelligence. In difficult times, the Virgo woman will be able to hold out on her own and will help to endure the hardships of her relatives.

Mother Virgos always monitor the tidiness of their children, and they in turn love mothers for their good-naturedly-mocking mood, kindness and tact in their behavior. At the same time, the Virgin Mother is a demanding mentor. When teaching children the rules of behavior, they find in themselves some severity, seasoned with affection and tender feelings.

A woman born under the sign of the zodiac Virgo, will support you in difficult times, reassure, will take a direct part in solving the problems encountered. If you feel unwell, it will help to overcome the disease and will not leave you a single step until full recovery. The Virgo woman will become for you a good companion of life and will be faithful in body and soul. She will not make violent scenes with the accusation of infidelity, she will not recklessly squander money. She will keep all your secrets and will be an excellent associate in the workplace. The body of a woman of this sign of the zodiac for a long time does not lose youth and elasticity.

Virgo Compatibility

Compatibility zodiac signs Virgo and Aries. The inconstant Aries sees in the frivolous words and actions of the Virgo malevolence and insult of his dignity, because of which, in most cases, he begins to oppress the agitated Virgo. This alliance as a disaster is miserable and short.

Compatibility zodiac signs Virgo and Taurus. It cannot be said that the union of Virgo and Taurus is unusual, but the similarity of principles and views on life allows these zodiacs to be together for quite a long time, and the relationship between them will be simply amazing.

Compatibility zodiac signs Virgo and Gemini. Hope for a happy union of the zodiac Virgo and the zodiac Gemini is very small. Dangerous, careless and changeable Gemini perceive Virgo as an object subject to their authority and influence. And even a little bit of long-term relationship between them can be perceived as a kind of miracle.

Compatibility zodiac signs Virgo and Cancer. In the relationship of this couple there is not so much passion and passion, however, for Cancer and Virgo, such feelings are not so vital as for the zodiacs of other couples. The feeling of security and warm marital relationships are of much greater importance to them.

Compatibility zodiac signs Virgo and Leo. The relationship between these zodiacs requires considerable concessions from Virgo. Lev, after taking the main role, and he will take it necessarily, will acquire in the person of the Virgin a faithful and attentive partner to his person.

Compatibility zodiac signs Virgo and Virgo. Virgos are quite capable of reaching compromises in solving most of the cases and problems arising in their life together. The union of the two Virgos means a consistent, according to a predetermined plan, activity, security of the family, well-being in intimate life and an unusually pleasant pastime.

Compatibility zodiac signs Virgo and Libra. The peculiar, fluctuating nature of the zodiac Libra is extremely disturbing Virgo, and his natural charm can fade due to disapprovingly adjusted towards him Virgo. In most cases, the relationship between these zodiac is short-lived, but as long as this connection lasts, there is probably no more passionate and hot couple than this.

Compatibility zodiac signs Virgo and Scorpio. Pretty good and entertaining couple, promising extraordinary in relationships and actions. This is a good union, the proximity of relations in which gives each of the zodiacs satisfaction and a sea of ​​warm and affectionate feelings.

Compatibility zodiac signs Virgo and Sagittarius. Sagittarius is not able to withstand calmly, without unnecessary emotions, persistent, captious and delving into every little thing manner of behavior of the Virgin. Not the best partner for the zodiac Sagittarius. Virgo will not delve into the specifics of her partner’s life, she focuses only on her being and the resolution of personal difficulties.

Compatibility zodiac signs Virgo and Capricorn. Wonderful couple, efficiency and accuracy, they walk through life together, holding each other’s hand. However, the fear of monetary losses can cause alienation from Virgo and break the long-term intentions of both zodiacs.

Compatibility zodiac signs Virgo and Aquarius. The relationship of Virgo with Aquarius is seen more as a kind of spiritual union, rather than the usual physiological attraction. The relationship between the zodiac of this pair is built on an intellectual level and in most cases is extremely long.

Compatibility zodiac signs Virgo and Pisces. The link is based on the mutual nature of the extremely different zodiacs. Virgo is under the irresistible impression of the responsive and attentive Pisces, which in its turn is experiencing the need for the Maiden’s instructions, and the sexuality of the people of Pisces is capable of making a small love coup in the inner world of Virgo.

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