Virgo 2020 Horoscope Overview

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Virgo 2020 Love Horoscope

Virgo 2020 Horoscope OverviewVirgo, you still have the big planets in your relationship sectors this year. Neptune remains in your relationship sector all year, Pluto remains in your love sector all year, and Uranus remains in your sector of passion and intimacy all year. This remains the same for quite a few more years. This is a period where you’re changing how you relate to others, how you connect with others, what intimacy is to you, what commitment is to you, and what you need in a relationship. It might seem all over the place for another couple of years, until Saturn enters your love sector.

This year, we begin with Venus retrograde (appearing to move backward) in your love sector until January 31st. You feel less romantic, less affectionate, or your partner appears that way. If single, you may not want to date, or feel like there’s no one who wants you. An old love could come back into your life.

Mercury retrogrades in your relationship sector February 6th through 12th, and you have a hard time getting along with those you’re close to, having misunderstandings and fights. You could see someone you used to be in a relationship with come back into your life. Mars is in your love sector October 26th through December 4th, and this could be the time you desire love most. If single, you can go on more dates and meet more people that you’re interested in. If attached, you can be more romantic, have more sparks, and show more love for one another.

Virgo 2020 Career Horoscope

This might be a difficult year for your career, Virgo. Mars is in your money sector for the first half of 2020, and you put a lot of your focus, time, and attention toward your finances. You can try to earn more money in some way, get a budget together, and get your finances in shape. The problem is that Mars will retrograde in this sector March 1st – May 19th. You could lose an extra source of income, have to quit a second job, have unexpected expenses come up, have to spend more money than you’ve budgeted, or make bad investments. In June and July, you try to fix whatever happens during this retrograde, but there are more monkey wrenches to be thrown in the machine.

Mercury, your ruler, is going to retrograde in your career sectors in 2020 as well. February 12th – 28th, he’s retrograde in your work sector, and you have problems getting work done on time, have to do work over again, miss details, or have issues with coworkers. June 17th – July 1st, he’s retrograde in your career sector, and you experience setbacks or delays with your career goals, have to go back and do something over again, or make a bad impression on someone. October 10th – 25th, he’s retrograde in your money sector, and you can have unexpected financial issues. You’ll need to exercise a lot of patience with your work this year, and try to have some rainy day money set aside in case anything happens.

Virgo 2020 General Horoscope

Neptune is in Pisces, the sign opposite yours, all year, so some of you will experience the opposition to your Sun. Those of you born August 24th through September 2nd will experience the opposition at some point this year, with those of you born August 29th – September 1st feeling the turn retrograde on June 9th most, and those of you born August 26th – 29th feel the turn direct on November 16th most. You may have a hard time seeing reality, with certain situations or with certain people. You look at them with rose-colored glasses on, seeing what you want to see instead of what’s really there. Conversely, people could do this to you, and they see you as they want to see you instead of how you really are. You need a lot of time to fantasize, and your imagination is more active.

On August 25th, a new moon occurs in your sign, and you can start a new project, go down a new path, or be presented with a new opportunity. Those of you born August 24th – 27th could be impacted by this new moon most. A full moon occurs in your sign on March 16th, and you can finish a project, realize a goal, and be more emotional and sensitive. Those of you born September 18th – 21st could be impacted by this full moon most.

Virgo 2020 Month-by-Month Mini Horoscopes

January 2020

There’s a lot for you to work on this month, or one thing in particular is taking up all of your time. Either way, you’re busy, and you try to stay organized through it all. This can also be a good month to focus on your health and get a health issue straightened out before it gets worse.

May 2020

Your focus is stealth and nothing can make you waver. You know exactly what you want to do right now, and nothing can get in your way. You’re feeling better and better about yourself, less questioning and insecure, and the little doubts that have plagued you begin to fade away.

September 2020

Your senses are heightened, and you want to experience the world through them. Food tastes sweeter, art is more vibrant, music is heaven. Soak up everything you can through your senses and allow yourself to live in your body. You live in your head so much that you can forget to be in touch with your body too.

February 2020

Nothing seems to be going right at work, and your workers are getting on your nerves. Your work environment is making you sneeze and cough, your boss is piling too much on you, your work is taking too long and you keep having to go back. Make sure you breathe or the stress might make you sick.

June 2020

Your friends get on your nerves, you parents get on your nerves, your boss gets on your nerves this month. It might not be anything that they’re doing, and is just in your head. What are you being so sensitive about? Figure that out, and they won’t annoy you so much.

October 2020

The more you try to think, the worse it gets early in the month. Later in the month, you feel insecure and overly sensitive to what other people say about you. You may let it get you down, but you shouldn’t. Their opinions don’t matter as much as what you think about yourself.

March 2020

Talk things over with people before you make a big decision. A little advice could help steer you in the right direction. You do your homework, and that helps too, but if they’ve been there before, they can help more than anything else can. They know more than you realize they do.

July 2020

Let your mind explore the depths of the universe in July. If something interests you, go ahead and find out more about it. You won’t get obsessed, and are instead purely curious and want to know more to expand your mind a little. It might be best to do this on your own and without anyone to bug you.

November 2020

Everything feels like it slows down this month. You’re not in a rush to get things done like usual, and can take the scenic route. Enjoy your time spent with family and at home. This can be a good time for a family get-together or for a dinner party at your place with the people you love most.

April 2020

Transform yourself in some way this month. There’s always some area of life that needs to be changed, whether it’s a sector of life, your physical self, or a part of your personality. Doing small improvements throughout the year can add up to big changes by the time it’s over.

August 2020

You’re more friendly, outspoken, and open this month. You don’t mind being around others, though you keep things casual and fun instead of serious. If single, you could start a secret relationship with someone. Just make sure they’re not someone you shouldn’t be involved with.

December 2020

With whatever work you’re doing this month, try to put a creative spin on it. If you do it the traditional way, it’ll just be boring. Let your creative juices flow and see what happens. There’s a creative person inside of you, but you don’t let that person out enough. You might be surprised by what that person can do.