Today’s Daily Horoscope for 9 February 2019

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Daily Horoscope for 9 February 2019

Capricorn, 22.XII – 20.I
The day is marked by harmony, receiving cosmic energy, justice. Probably, today you will be required to make important decisions. Despite the obstacles and difficulties, you will be able to overcome all the traps. Dreams are fair, expect execution.

Aquarius, 21.I – 19.II
This day is favorable for restoring friendships. Be prepared for unexpected meetings with old friends or close people. Avoid love adventures, do not need to set global goals, as you are waiting for deception or disappointment. If possible, spend more time in the fresh air.

Pisces, 20.II – 20.III
The day is favorable for love, conception, creative pursuit. Take care of your colleagues. Do not miss the opportunity to realize the creative potential. Recommended meetings, exchange of experience, mentoring. At the end of the day, good news, some profit, addition to the family is not excluded. The main enemies of Pisces today are harsh language and alcohol abuse.

Aries, 21.III – 20.IV
Auspicious day, especially for Aries men who are engaged in commercial activities. Aura, abilities to achieve the goals, efficiency are strengthened. Aries women may be deceived in commercial transactions. Postpone large purchases. Also try to avoid crowds during this period and do not visit public places.

Taurus, 21.IV – 21.V
Minor troubles can spoil your mood. Try to temper your suspiciousness, and everything will be settled. Today, the gift of foresight and intuition is increasing, but restraint and tact in communication are necessary. Remember: just one careless word can cause many troubles.

Gemini, 22.V–21.VI
Today is a serious day associated with spiritual quest. The power of foresight and intuition is increasing, but restraint is needed in order for communication to bring positive results. Be extremely careful and cautious with partners, so as not to hurt their feelings, do not cause jealousy or envy. Stars warn about possible complications in relationships with friends or relatives.

Cancer, 22.VI – 22.VII
Do not pay attention to minor troubles – it will take time, and everything will be settled. Managers are advised to take care of creating a healthy moral climate for subordinates. Personal relationships will delight you with their frankness and warmth. It is not excluded that old acquaintances will come to you. You may well expect all sorts of surprises. Try not to lose your head.

Leo, 23.VII – 23.VIII
Vital potential, creativity and efficiency are strengthened. Leo woman may be deceived in love relationships. Commercial operations of Leo man promise success. Organizational skills and the ability to rationally allocate time will positively affect the results of work.

Virgo, 24.VIII – 23.IX
The day is marked by harmony, receiving cosmic energy, justice. Favorable day for the device of life, appeal to the authorities, to the authorities. Personal charm and perseverance will help you achieve high results. Patronage of Venus will favorably affect your personal life. It is possible that you will meet with old friends.

Libra, 24.IX – 23.X
One of the “clean” days. Marked harmony, patronage of higher powers, justice. Today, more than ever, restraint and tact are needed in communication. Personal charm will help you solve many questions at the same time. Be especially careful in words, as misunderstanding and resentment of partners and family members is possible.

Scorpio, 24.X – 22.XI
Try to find an opportunity for country walks in the company of close friends or family members. It is recommended to perform a set of breathing and exercise in the fresh air. However, be careful – there is a high probability of colds, which are fraught with complications.

Sagittarius, 23.XI – 21.XII
One of the “clean” days. Marked by harmony, patronage of the Higher Forces, justice. Life potential at a high level, increased energy, sexuality, the gift of foresight, intuition. The day is favorable for travel, physical exertion, real estate operations, large purchases. Today you expect personal dates or friendly meetings. Try to spend more time with your loved one, it will have a beneficial effect on both of you.

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