Today’s Daily Horoscope for 6 December 2019

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Daily Horoscope for 6 December 2019

Capricorn, 22.XII – 20.I
Critical day. One of the days of seduction, false promises, vain hopes. One should not give vent to ambitious aspirations and inclinations toward ambition. Probably problems requiring a compromise solution. You, obviously, precisely today will have to solve just one of such questions. Today, overvoltage is especially dangerous due to a sharp decrease in vitality. Reduce contacts to a minimum, exclude casual acquaintances. Broad communication with people can have negative consequences. Any kind of mistakes and misunderstandings are possible.

Aquarius, 21.I – 19.II
Energetically powerful day. Aquarians will achieve much in the field of science and art. Profitable business proposals await you, but carefully check the information received and do not rush to conclusions. Beware of noisy and crowded companies.

Pisces, 20.II – 20.III
The day is passive, hard. To achieve success and prevent accidents, concentration of forces and attention is recommended. This day is not the most suitable to think about a career. In the service today, you should be extremely careful and attentive. The probability of aggression from strangers is great. By the end of the day it is possible depression, fatigue. Spend your evening with your closest friends or change the form of activity to a more creative one.

Aries, 21.III – 20.IV
Be vigilant and do not make any rash decisions. Much will depend on your exposure. You should not change the type of activity or work, this period is not conducive to this. It is possible that there will be frustration associated with friends, so do not rely on them. Be careful, the afternoon is dangerous injuries and accidents.

Taurus, 21.IV – 21.V
This is the most suitable day for solving family problems. The stars promise that exactly today feelings of tenderness and mutual love will return to you. Try to make them last long. Great chance of random luck, as a result of which your financial situation will improve.

Gemini, 22.V–21.VI
Probably, the situation will develop in such a way that you have to solve many questions at the same time. Avoid unnecessary disputes that lead to nothing but mutual irritation. Do not refuse the help of friends and colleagues, otherwise the probability of success will be zero. Fruits in a dream – to profit.

Cancer, 22.VI – 22.VII
Today, pleasant surprises are possible, for which you will later fully pay off. Possible meeting with a close friend. Do not forget about your own health. Perhaps financial problems will make themselves known.

Leo, 23.VII – 23.VIII
The day promises to be successful, but proceed to any business only after carefully weighing all the consequences. It is not recommended to expand or change the scope of activities, to seek new acquaintances or to participate in joint activities.

Virgo, 24.VIII – 23.IX
Day of rest, finding new sources of energy, purification of thoughts. All manifestations of feelings are harmonized. Not worth doing things. Activities and walks should fill the whole day, which will especially please your children.

Libra, 24.IX – 23.X
Satanic day. Be prepared for the fact that someone in the morning will ruin your mood and you will want to shift your own blame onto others. Having made an attempt to discharge, you will involve some of your relatives in the conflict. Today injuries, accidents, losses, deceptions are likely. Be extremely careful.

Scorpio, 24.X – 22.XI
Day of changes, contacts and new acquaintances. The most adventurous Scorpios can decide to change jobs, housing. Today it is possible reception. You can deliver a lot of pleasant moments to your close people.

Sagittarius, 23.XI – 21.XII
Day of rest, finding new sources of energy, purification of thoughts. In general, an auspicious day, however, the stars warn that the desire for risk or unwillingness to take care of their health can adversely affect their well-being, and excessive straightness can adversely affect relations with their neighbors. Due to the unfavorable location of the planets, household chores or domestic problems will take all your time, but there will most likely not be any noticeable results. In case of indisposition, consult a doctor immediately: the disease that started today may become protracted.

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