Today’s Daily Horoscope for 1 December 2019

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Daily Horoscope for 1 December 2019

Capricorn, 22.XII – 20.I
A favorable period, giving the opportunity to rethink past experience and create successful plans for the future. However, today we should not start new business – it is better to deal with old ones. Loving disappointments will be borne with difficulty. Realism and practicality overshadow your inherent tenderness and subtlety of feelings. Some infantilism can lead to a loss of self-confidence. You need to cope with negative emotions. Do not refuse the help and support of relatives and friends.

Aquarius, 21.I – 19.II
The day carries a dual characteristic. Probable trips, new acquaintances or meetings with old friends. However, all this will require significant cash. So measure your capabilities in advance. Do better planning new things.

Pisces, 20.II – 20.III
The day is marked by increased business, creative and sexual activity. Pisces will be cheerful, sociable and easy to give in to the general mood. However, they should find their “I”, learn to defend their opinion and not dissolve in another person. This will help to make the right decisions. Many Pisces will somehow be able to distinguish themselves. In their personal lives today, they can get all or nothing. This will depend on the coincidence of the emotional mood of Pisces and their partner.

Aries, 21.III – 20.IV
Auspicious day, promising the support of Higher Forces, colleagues, friends or relatives. A good period for marital relations, romantic dating, healing. There will be the possibility of manifestation of abilities, talent, implementation of the conceived Dreams can be prophetic. Fire matches – to the hassle or misfortune.

Taurus, 21.IV – 21.V
In general, your financial situation has stabilized. Not expected major ups, but do not threaten and fall. Cash receipts are not large, but you do not have to spend a lot of effort to get them. Today it is possible reception. Your half will be proud of you. Everything that you undertake today in terms of creativity can be realized. You can deliver a lot of pleasant moments to your loved ones.

Gemini, 22.V–21.VI
The day is associated with obtaining cosmic energy, prophecies, healing. Any trips, new acquaintances, meetings with old friends are favorable. Everything, whatever you undertake, can be realized. Today it is possible reception. Try to refrain from formality and tension in behavior. Screams, music in a dream – to the news.

Cancer, 22.VI – 22.VII
Everything, whatever you come to today in terms of creativity, can be implemented. Your half will be proud of you, because it is so nice to know that a talented person lives with you. Today it is possible reception. You can deliver a lot of pleasant moments to your close people. Learn to rejoice in what life presents.

Leo, 23.VII – 23.VIII
Good day for marital relations, new acquaintances, healing, communication with smaller brothers. Leo women will have the opportunity to find new friends or patrons, to show all their abilities and talents. Leo man should curb their appetites in relationships with women and abandon extravagant actions.

Virgo, 24.VIII – 23.IX
Today, overvoltage is especially dangerous due to a sharp decrease in vitality. You should not start new business, sign documents, drive fast. Loving disappointments will be borne with difficulty. You will gradually lose the feeling of self-confidence, a feeling of your uselessness will come. You need to cope with emotions and rethink their actions. Do not refuse the help and support of relatives and friends.

Libra, 24.IX – 23.X
Today, despite the unpleasant surprises, you will be able to delve into the work to establish and strengthen relations with a loved one. From his endurance and wisdom will depend on the success of your business. The events of this day can seriously affect your view of yourself.

Scorpio, 24.X – 22.XI
Calm, passive day. Do not get too separated from the team. If you want to somehow distinguish yourself, then you should not hurry, you still can not do it. It is possible exacerbation of chronic disease. Not recommended heavy physical labor and overstrain. In the circle of friends or family members you will find peace and comfort.

Sagittarius, 23.XI – 21.XII
Probable travel or business trip will meet your most optimistic hopes. New ideas, initiative will be in time and will be appreciated by the authorities. In the afternoon, the stars advise a little to temper business activity, and in relations with partners, not to be led by their emotions or frivolity. Your gullibility and benevolent attitude towards the people around you will lead you to chagrin because of the dishonest behavior of the trustee.

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