Tiger and Snake Compatibility Chinese Astrology

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Tiger and Snake Compatibility

Tiger and Snake Compatibility Chinese AstrologyThe Tiger – Snake pair according to the eastern calendar is not even a simple union. They attract each other in the spiritual and sexual terms, but this feeling is likely to last not long.

Their compatibility is questionable. Preserving such a relationship is possible, but only on condition that they both try and try to change some traits.
Tiger man and Snake woman will be constantly in conflict because she is overly jealous, and he is a fan of public attention. Tigers will have to constantly restrain themselves, to communicate less with the opposite sex and to prove daily that he needs a Snake, and he loves her very much. She, in turn, must learn to trust him, because in most cases her suspicions have no reason.

In order for this pair to go well, they must start with friendship. Communicating and learning a lot about your partner, each of them will fall in love over time, and will adore his soul mate all his life, because initially they will know about all the shortcomings and habits of their partner. If they immediately fall in love with each other, then it is quite possible that after the passion has subsided, the disadvantages will begin to irritate, and they will part.

Tiger woman and Snake man are complete opposites. She is overly active, emotional and hot-tempered, and he is cunning, measured and calm. Many conflicts will arise due to elementary situations. For example, they decide to go on vacation, he will consider any trifle for a long time, but at the last moment she may change her mind and want to go to a completely different place.

Tiger woman loves to be the center of attention, no matter where it is: work, party or home. The Snake man will suffer greatly because of this, because jealousy will “nibble” him constantly. Another disadvantage of this union is that she likes to lead, everyone should obey and wait for her instructions, but on the contrary he loves independence and prefers to solve problems without outside interference. Because of this, one cannot avoid constant conflicts, besides, the Snake during any quarrel will not miss the opportunity to criticize his beloved.

The Tiger – Snake couple, according to the Chinese horoscope, has a chance of success if they learn to perceive each other exactly as they are and stop exploring relationships for nothing. The tiger should be calmer, and the Snake is softer and more tender. If the two of them die their ardor, everything will be fine.