Tiger and Rabbit Compatibility Chinese Astrology

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Tiger and Rabbit Compatibility

Tiger and Rabbit Compatibility Chinese AstrologyThe Tiger – Rabbit couple, according to the Chinese horoscope, gets along well with each other, sometimes there may be slight disagreements, but most often this is due to some differences in characters. The compatibility of this tandem is above average.

Tiger woman and Rabbit man will build their relationship gradually. Calm in their family will bring the Rabbit, for which the spouse will throughout life seem overly emotional and impulsive. She is a storm of passions and emotions, ready to do everything for her beloved, if, of course, you do not have to sacrifice your principles for this. Giving him her love and passion, she will demand a response from the Rabbit man. If the husband does not give her a sufficient amount of affection and love, then she may be offended, because his coldness will hurt feelings. Quite often, the Rabbit does not respond to its need for excessive attention, because he is calm by nature – before taking a step, he argues for a long time and looks at small things.
Rabbit man is constantly trying to warn a stubborn and independent spouse. She tries to explain to her what is better to do and what should be put off, but she will not listen to him, any warnings will be perceived as unreasonable fear. If the Tiger woman is more restrained and tolerant, and the Rabbit man will try to become for his beloved more free and emancipated, then this pair has a bright future ahead.

Tiger man and Rabbit woman also will not do without some differences. For Tigger, a calm and stable family life will be a burden; he prefers to walk with friends and has fun after work. Rabbit Cat, on the contrary, believes that evening with a cup of tea and talking about life is the best option for rest. Because of this, they may have some disagreements, because a woman will feel lonely. However, the Tiger can solve this problem. Having fun with friends, he will arrange for his wife a romantic dinner, and all the problem will be solved immediately. He knows how to love beautifully, this quality and attracts Rabbit, in moments when they are together, she feels very happy.

Tiger and Rabbit on the Chinese horoscope have quite successful compatibility. Tiger-husband will lead in the relationship, and Rabbit wife will not be against it. She will gladly give him the “palm” and will enjoy the care of the Tiger. Although the love union of this couple will be successful, they will never become friends, they are too different characters.