Taurus Woman and Cancer Man Compatibility: Love and Sex

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A very good option, since these signs fit each other in temperament and attitude to life.

Taurus Woman and Cancer Man Compatibility: Love and SexCompatibility in love

Both partners are not in a hurry with decisions, they are looking at them for a long time, they know how to give in. They like to do things together (financial, work, family), it’s pretty easy for them to make common plans.

Quarrels sometimes arise because the Cancer man does not always keep up with the thoughts of a Taurus woman, although you cannot call her sudden and frivolous. Minor spats quickly pass, serious ones can accumulate inside. The couple perfectly hides emotions in public and the outside always looks harmonious.

Sex Compatibility

They are well and in bed, although both are not called standards of passion. They just complement each other well: she loves sensuality and regularity, he adds to this sharpness and strength. They are not alien to experiments and, although not lovers of organizing sex marathons, they long retain mutual desire.

There is no special point in changing the right partner, so this topic is practically not discussed. Sudden love for them, in general, is also not peculiar, so mutual trust is enough.

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