Taurus Horoscope 2019

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Taurus Horoscope 2019The pig is very active by nature. 2019 for Taurus will be eventful and successful in many areas of activity. Correctly laid in this year’s financial base, will be a long-term stronghold of your well-being. Also the year will be successful: in love, in education, in personal development, in travel.

Pluto is the planet that influences events that take place at a great distance from home.
And the fact that he will stay long in the 9th house of your astrological chart means that the whole year will be favorable for obtaining full-time higher education.

You can travel as a tourist or researcher – luck, in any case, will be on your side.

All events this year, taking place away from home, upon the return of the Taurus will favorably affect career growth, this will contribute to the knowledge gained in a foreign land.

Pluto, getting into the constellation of Capricorn, strengthens Taurus in the determination to succeed in career growth and gaining professional knowledge in higher education. Taurus should not have high hopes that all of their year will pass serenely. The weak point in 2019 for Taurus will be that you will have to prove to others your philosophy of life and principles. Because of misunderstandings, Taurus can become morally vulnerable.

Horoscope suggests that this year you should be more flexible. Knowing your unchanging principles – your sworn friends can get around you from the rear and strike at the least secure places. This can happen if you stubbornly adhere to obsolete principles and go forward to progress too quickly. This will be facilitated by the conflict between Pluto and Uranus.

June 2019 has not only rest, but also to gain knowledge, it will happen as a result of Jupiter’s entry into the sign of Cancer. During this period, you will very much need the support of family and friends, but the connection of both the electronic and old-style phones will fail. Talk about the speed of delivery of important messages – it is not necessary. Do not worry about it. Take care of your nerves. Important information for you will arrive in a timely manner.

Finding Saturn in the constellation of Scorpio since the end of 2018 adversely affects the relationship of Taurus with surrounding, business partners and with family members. Difficult situations will arise in your personal life. The most difficult lessons will be given to you by your close people, because it is misunderstandings inside the family that hurt much more painfully.

This year will serve as a litmus test in your relationship with your spouse. If you have the wisdom and patience to survive this year’s turmoil together, it means that your union has a solid foundation. Everything that can not destroy a marriage makes it even stronger.

Everyone cares about the material and financial situation. Taurus in the first five months of 2019 on this issue, thanks to Jupiter, do not even remember. In this period, incomes will grow several times. At this time, you can correct your financial situation by postponing the earned money for later, because such financial success will have to wait another 12 years. Jupiter instills in people exaggerated optimism and arrogance. But with his departure from your astral map, luck in financial matters will decrease and a mundane perception of life will return.

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