Taurus: About Taurus Dates, Astrology and Horoscope

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Taurus: About Aries Dates, Astrology and HoroscopeAbout Taurus
Taurus Characteristic
Taurus man
Taurus woman
Taurus Compatibility

Zodiac sign Taurus (April 21 – May 20)

All the successes of those born under the zodiac sign Taurus (April 21 – May 20) are associated with tremendous diligence and an extraordinary ability to maintain restraint in everything. Taurus has a great tenacity and does not give up cases that previously conceived. The man of the zodiac sign Taurus (April 21 – May 20) practically does not listen to other people’s instructions and is able to carry out his plans without stopping in front of any obstacles. Taurus is not easy to ruffle, but if angry, then his rage is extremely long. They are vindictive. People of this sign act impartially, strive for new knowledge, are able to achieve their goals, are jealous, resist innovations, have a sense of affection.

Taurus zodiac sign by periods of birth

Zodiac sign Taurus (April 21 – May 1). The greatest impact at birth on these people had a Mercury. They have a high natural talent of mind, they are prone to activities in commercial, agricultural institutions and enterprises. From time to time they fall into a painfully depressed state.
Numbers that contribute to happiness and luck: 16, 24, 30, 33, 39, 45, 51, 57.

Zodiac Taurus (May 2 – May 11). The greatest influence at birth on these people had the moon. They have high moral qualities, love to dream, often hesitate when making important decisions, and are also prone to political activities and literature.
Numbers that contribute to happiness and luck: 16, 21, 24. 33. 41, 50, 60, 64.

Zodiac Taurus (May 12 – May 20). The greatest impact at birth on these people had Saturn. They are uncommunicative people, tend to see gloomy and dull in everything, prefer loneliness, and the greatest fear among them is the possibility of being left without means of subsistence.
The numbers that contribute to happiness and luck: 16, 21, 24, 33, 41, 50, 60, 64.

Taurus Characteristic

The man of the zodiac sign Taurus is a carefully weighed personality, possessing a developed sense of duty and a bright head, Taurus is gentle, moral and gentle. He is honored and loved. In most cases, the actions of a person of the zodiac sign Taurus are directed by love, and not calmly deliberated, correctly made decision on the issue that has arisen. He perceives people as natural with their strengths and weaknesses, he has tremendous composure, and sentimentality is hidden deep inside from uninvited guests. The man of the zodiac sign Taurus is devoted, respects his comrades, is exacting, he has a sweet nature and pleasant behavior. He is hard to deprive of self-control, but in his rage the zodiac Taurus resembles a furious buffalo.

The combined effect of Venus and the Moon on the zodiac sign Taurus determined its susceptibility and sensitivity, endowed him with a balanced, and developed sense of beauty and elegance. People of the zodiac sign Taurus prefer the eye-catching, but perfectly tailored clothes, do not recognize necklaces, coarse collars and butterflies, love perfumery with affectionate and mild fragrance. And another interesting quality of the zodiac sign Taurus is the ability to save clothes for a long time, especially if they consider that the image created by these things corresponds to their nature.

In most cases, people of the zodiac sign Taurus is meek, endure suffering, pain and inconvenience without complaint and steadfastly. The need for harmony makes them tolerate others in everything, even if others are wrong. However, it is terrible if the exposure of the people of the zodiac sign Taurus comes the limit. They do not tolerate debate, and mainly in a high tone, and also do not tolerate existence without harmony. They rely on their understanding of the environment and their view, which is based more on love than on conclusions based on reasoning and reflection.

For the sign of the zodiac Taurus justice is of particular importance. They are not supporters of analyzing their subsequent actions, they do not violate this obligation to someone, they are less susceptible to religiosity than others in the constellation of the Zodiac, they have an excellent memory. Often annoy yourself and others with their own timidity and inconsistency.

People of the Taurus sign are wary, even when they are wordy and the conversation is conducted on a topic of interest to them. Possess high spiritual qualities, but at the same time stingy, tend to possess and dispose. They need to master the equilibrium rule: “to endow – to borrow”. Taurus is wise to think reasonably, to follow narrow practical interests, being guided by considerations of advantage and benefit. People of this sign are natural in behavior and handling. The Taurus emotional manifestations are more pronounced in relation to other zodiacs.

Positive qualities of the Taurus zodiac: balance, endurance, kindness, ease.

Taurus man

A Taurus man can be described as a slow, prudent, prudent, balanced, sensible, materially practical and business-like person. Not deprived of Taurus Man and emotionally sublime feelings, which fully endowed his dreamy and contemplative nature.

Before deciding to have a close relationship with any woman, the Taurus Man has been thinking about the appropriateness of such an act for quite a long time. He is not a frivolous person and will not rush into the whirlpool of events without first weighing the pros and cons. And when the Taurus Man realizes that you are exactly the woman he needs, no other admirer can compare with him. He is affectionate, sensitive and compassionate man, always give credit to your charm. You will probably not hear from him many pleasant and flattering words, but he will certainly find an opportunity to express his admiration for your beauty.

The Taurus man tries not to waste money, but he loves his lover to look amazing, so never skimp on the purchase of sophisticated and stylish clothes, jewelry and other things. By nature Taurus is an extremely sensitive person.

Becoming the wife of the Taurus Men Men you will not regret about this decision, you will not have a reason to worry about anything, it will always be your faithful assistant in everything.

Material difficulties in Men Taurus is almost never. Knowing his position on finance, it is safe to say that if he does not achieve great wealth, then at least he will always have a steady and reliable income. Wealth and success The Taurus man achieves by his work, slowly, not paying attention to various trifles and not relying on illusory luck. And when he achieves good results and public acceptance, they are genuine.

Taurus man does not tolerate ill-mannered and pushy ladies. Therefore, you need to cultivate kindness, tact in behavior and calmness. You should not publicly express your own point of view, especially to get involved in other people’s discussions with it. Without outsiders, the man of this zodiac sign is always ready to know your position on this or that issue, but the Lord takes care of you speaking in the presence of others. Such behavior threatens troubles and it will be extremely difficult for a man of Taurus to return a good mood, even if you make maximum efforts for this. For an angry Taurus, you need a lot of time to cool your ardor and calm down.

Taurus man has an amazing character trait. Feeling craving, he loses all his prudence and sanity. Taurus does not listen to his comrades, his close people, nor any arguments that the object of his desire will not fail him to shake his intentions.

Zodiac sign Taurus man is a true representative of the stronger sex of mankind in all respects. He loves to eat, does not make semi-finished and canned products. However, it is not necessary to assume that Taurus Man wants to make you a cook. He will be happy to invite you to a nice restaurant or other institution that serves good food.

Father Taurus is a sensitive, adoring and zealous parent. From the very youth he tries to instill in his children a good and accurate attitude to the property in their possession. He is very patient, in no way angry at the unsatisfactory results shown by the child in school. In the first place for a man, the sign Taurus is for his children to move along the right path in life.

Thus, Taurus man is a wonderful choice for any woman, if you do not take into account those times when Taurus is angry, but this condition does not often overpower him.

Taurus woman

The woman Taurus is the personification of those traits of character that she dreams of and who are always trying to find the stronger sex of humanity. Sometimes fits of violent anger roll on the Taurus Woman, but in order to provoke them you need to be very eager and make maximum efforts for this. In the case when you do not make excessively persistent attempts to test her endurance, the Taurus Woman is always unchanging, serene and tender. The innate truthfulness of the people of Taurus is incompatible with simple life tricks and deceptions.

The Taurus woman admires with her perception of a person; she does not expect anything special from him, but accepts him for what he really is. For her, it does not make much difference who her friends are. These can be extremely dissimilar in character and outlook of the individual, sometimes too peculiar, but they all have vital energy. The Taurus Woman is completely indifferent to her enemies and, passing by, will not even pay attention to them. For the sake of loved ones, a woman of this zodiac sign can voluntarily give up a lot in her life. The Taurus woman will not leave her boyfriend (tsu) in grief and will not blame her (her) imperfection, but she expects a similar appeal to herself. In the event that you are not honest, honest and sincere with her, she will be offended and go to herself. Taurus woman is not jealous by nature. However, if the beloved betrayed her all the same, and she would find it out, no matter how he justified himself, he could not escape troubles. Therefore, every effort should be made to avoid it.

Possession of a large number of documents confirming the graduation from a higher educational institution, receiving a scientific title will not make absolutely no impression on the Taurus Woman. She believes that the 1st diploma will be enough for life. Much more significant for a woman, the sign of Taurus is the presence of prudence in a person and the ability to delve into what is happening.

The woman of the zodiac sign Taurus is, in most cases, a great mistress in cooking food. Having understood it better, you realize how wonderful, balanced, serene and viable a person is, and you always feel comfortable with him.

Remember that the sign of the zodiac Taurus does not tolerate the preconceptions, and mainly with outsiders. Therefore, try not to contradict the woman of this sign. Please note that the Taurus Woman is by nature rather slow, therefore you should not rush her, but you can’t get it.

Maternity is in perfect harmony with the serene and even kind of Taurus Women. She enjoys taking care of the child, worn with him, but with matured offspring sometimes is too harsh and demanding. The intransigence and intransigence of the Taurus woman in this situation is undesirable. She does not tolerate self-will and insubordination, and is extremely difficult to get used to the idea that daughters and sons can disagree with her decisions. The innate desire of Taurus for the beautiful, comfort and all the ideal develops in it a complete intolerance to bedlam in the house. This is reflected in the relationship with daughters and sons, constantly leaving their property in disarray and not in the right places.

The woman of the zodiac sign Taurus can not be attributed to the category of spoiled people. If money or other problems arise, she will not moan and cry, and calmly and without hysterics will begin to work until the problems are resolved. Taurus is an excellent worker, however, working slowly and with repeated stops for respite.

Possessing a strong will, the Taurus Woman believes that “soft-bodied” people are not worthy of respect, and this mainly concerns the stronger sex.

Taurus Compatibility

Compatibility zodiac signs Taurus and Aries. A distinctive feature of this couple is strong love with a predominance of sensual, physical attraction, warm expressed feelings, the reciprocity of which gives confidence in the duration and strength of the relationship.

Compatibility zodiac signs Taurus and Taurus. Pretty good couple, especially when it comes to romantic relationships, affectionate and sensual hugs, passionate kisses. If we talk about the realities of being, then 2-and slow, inert and idle Taurus does not quite correspond to the common reality.

Compatibility zodiac signs Taurus and Gemini. Gradually, the dissimilarity of the characters of these zodiacs to such an extent is strongly manifested, that all relationships become a burden. Little by little the initial strong sensual attraction passes and the next stage comes – the understanding of the partner’s nature. The twin does not sit on the spot, seeks to discover the unknown before, while Taurus is unduly chained to his place.

Compatibility zodiac signs Taurus and Cancer. Very good couple, due to strong and long-lasting relationships. Both Cancer and Taurus are homegrown by nature, who adore delicious food, splendor and high standard of living. This union is long-term and is able to give people the signs of the zodiac Taurus and Cancer absolute satisfaction with life.

Compatibility zodiac signs Taurus and Leo. For people of Taurus, this union is not very favorable, even, one might say, unsuccessful, but the zodiac Leo will gain reliable protection for the rears in the face of Taurus. The excessive generosity and predisposition of the people of the Leo zodiac sign to the frequent change of elects has an overwhelming effect on the judicious Taurus.

Compatibility zodiac signs Taurus and Virgo. It is impossible to say that the union of these zodiac signs is extremely fascinating, but the similarity of principles and views on life allows Taurus and Virgo to be together for a long time, and the relationship between them to be delightful.

Compatibility zodiac signs Taurus and Libra. Both Taurus and Virgo adore the livability of life, comfort, they are attracted by good and beautiful things, have good aesthetic taste, but the inclination of people of the zodiac sign Taurus to the sole possession and disposal of everything often gives rise to many conflicts. However, in the event that Libra decides that this relationship is perfectly acceptable to them, then this relationship can survive for a long time.

Compatibility zodiac signs Taurus and Scorpio. The signs of the zodiacs are extremely dissimilar in character, however, in an amazing way, they get along quite well under one roof. Taurus is reliable, faithful and quite benevolent in order to appease the strong nature of the zodiac Scorpio. Both welcome long relationships, over which they work together.

Compatibility zodiac signs Taurus and Sagittarius. In order to meet the demands of Sagittarius, people of the zodiac sign Taurus adhere to a certain unhurried and organized type of life. This union does not inspire confidence, since for Taurus the partner is a wanderer without explicit admonition.

Compatibility zodiac signs Taurus and Capricorn. In addition to passionate romantic relationships, Taurus and the zodiac sign Capricorn have many common hobbies and interests in everyday life, which allows this couple to be together for a long time.

Compatibility zodiac signs Taurus and Aquarius. This relationship is quite ambiguous. On the one hand, Taurus and Aquarius are equal in rights, do not have claims to the primacy of relations, which gives them the opportunity not to feel oppressed in anything. On the other hand, each of them has a hidden kind, which sometimes contributes to not always full frankness in relationships and erroneous, incomplete mutual understanding.

Compatibility zodiac signs Taurus and Pisces. Perhaps, in such a union, the zodiacal signs will never feel lust for each other, but the fact that their relationship is filled with warmth, caress and care in abundance is exactly that. Communication Taurus with Pisces is full of happiness and magic, from such a relationship is extremely difficult to refuse. Complications can arise only when some external force can seduce someone from the zodiacs of this pair.

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