Snake and Pig Compatibility Chinese Astrology

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Snake and Pig Compatibility

Snake and Pig Compatibility Chinese AstrologySnake and Pig are not a very good pair, their compatibility is unfavorable. People of these signs rarely converge, and there are very weighty (!) Reasons for this.

Their mental differences sometimes do not even allow them to enter into any kind of strong romantic relationship, let alone a family. Pig woman and Snake man have few chances to create a model family. An idyll is unlikely here. The Snake man is a very complex man, with a rich inner world and vigorous mental activity. He always has his own opinion, and it is very difficult for him to impose his point of view. His sober mind and prudence, as a rule, take over the senses. Pig woman is a very trusting, good-natured and impulsive lady. She often falls into emotional dependence on her partner, which often makes her vulnerable. This inequality of temperaments will be difficult to overcome. The Snake man needs a more “deep” and calm companion of life, and the Pig woman needs a less secretive and more soulful companion. They can still come together and love each other, but in any case, this pair is atypical.
The Pig man and the Snake woman also do not mix very well. Romanticism and the charm of love may perhaps hide their differences at first, but you cannot conceal the sewing in a bag – they are very different. The Pig will not irritate the pragmatic, intelligent Serpent Woman at all, and sometimes she will simply enrage her husband with her “omissions”, half-notions and domestic intrigues. They should not focus on each other’s shortcomings, but on the advantages, and even better – on themselves and their personalities. Other things being equal, this alliance does not have much chance of success, although, of course, everyone has the right to exist.

Proceeding from the Chinese horoscope, the Pig and the Snake are too different for a favorable union – conflicts and misunderstandings are inevitable.