Snake and Monkey Compatibility Chinese Astrology

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Snake and Monkey Compatibility

Snake and Monkey Compatibility Chinese AstrologyMonkey and Snake are difficult compatible, and their union is unlikely.

The Monkey woman and Snake man will probably have difficulties in living together. These people will be hard to establish mutual understanding. Snake man is a very mysterious man, secretive, cautious and somewhat slow. Despite such uncommunicativeness, he has a certain attractiveness for the opposite sex. Monkey woman is a very active, restless person who always seeks to attract attention. She likes outrageous accessories and bright colors in clothes. This contrasts sharply with serpentine closure. To the Snake man, the Monkey woman at first seems superficial and even stupid. The same, in turn, will not immediately understand its partner, Biryuk. If they still manage to come together, then it would be better for them to distribute the responsibility in the family – the husband can become the brain of the family, and the wife – with the heart and speech apparatus.
The Snake woman and the Monkey man will make a complex and controversial alliance, or they will not make a pair at all. The Monkey man is an active, active person, a typical sanguine person. He stands out in the crowd, bright energy literally glows in his eyes. This is an optimist, a lifeline in its purest form. But the Snake woman’s eyes glow with a different shine. The attractive mystery sometimes truly captivates men. The Snake will appreciate the monkey’s manner of enchanting, but under no circumstances will he lose his head. She is characterized by moderate romanticism, no more. Like many secretive women, Snake is very jealous. She will take the Monkey man as her property. The same being very popular among women simply can not give a reason for jealousy. Both partners, albeit in different ways, skillfully manipulate people, and it will be better if they do not use this skill on each other.

Monkey and Snake according to the Chinese horoscope are almost incompatible. Everything is simple – they are different, and it will be too hard for them to understand each other.