Snake and Dog Compatibility Chinese Astrology

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Snake and Dog Compatibility

Snake and Dog Compatibility Chinese AstrologyCompatibility Dogs and Snakes are not too favorable. The Snake man and the Dog woman can become a happy family if desired, but the Snake woman and the Dog man are unlikely.

The relationship between the Dog woman and the Snake man may well develop safely. Mutual sympathy can grow into something deeper and more valuable. The woman Dog has such friendliness and openness that no one can remain indifferent to her. Her positive energy and natural optimism attract sympathy. Greater honesty inspires confidence. The Snake man is very romantic, courteous, clever and mysterious. Almost all women like him, and the Dog is no exception. They may well converge on the desire for a strong family and comfortable home. Dog woman will be a caring mother and a wise wife, and the Snake man will become a real support for his beloved. In addition, the combination of the serpentine mind and the talent of a leader with a canine responsibility and performance can move mountains. The joint business and professional activities of these two will be very fruitful. This couple has a good future together, you just need to be a little more attentive to each other.
The Snake woman and the Dog man can quickly please each other, but it’s unlikely that a long relationship can develop into a marriage. The Dog man is devoted to his beloved, honest and disinterested. The Snake woman is a person with hidden power and deep intelligence. These people will be comfortable together for only a short time. Their meetings are always full of interesting communication and romance, however, permanent cohabitation will be quite difficult. Passion subsides, and the disadvantages “climbs” like mushrooms after rain. In addition, the Snake woman is prone to such possessiveness, which can scare away any man. This blind, suffocating jealousy can ruin love. If the Snake woman does not show sufficient flexibility, then lose a partner. Happiness in this pair is possible (as in any), but unlikely.

The Dog and the Snake in the Chinese horoscope are not very compatible. In a pair of Dog woman – Snake man, a romantic union is still possible, but in the opposite version – hardly.