September 15: Birthday Horoscope Personality

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September 15 – Zodiac Sign

If you were born on September 15, your zodiac sign is Virgo.


The ruling planet on this day – Venus gives their character creativity and observation.

People born on this day have a truly artistic talent. They are able to discover something new and unknown in any thing. They have great intuition and love any new information.

They love romance and themselves always look sexy and attractive. Surrounding people always ask for their advice and help. Their developed intuition helps them to look at many situations from a height, it seems that there is nothing that these people do not know.


Outwardly, they may seem cold, but, in essence, they are sensitive people who don’t like to seem emotional. In personal relationships, they do not like to relax and express their feelings. They just need a stable loving partner, then they will be completely happy.

Strengths: sociability, compassion, reliability.
Weaknesses: stubbornness.


The number of life path – 6, it is associated with the keyword “Sociality”, which emphasizes your friendliness and charisma.

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