Scorpio Woman and Scorpio Man Compatibility: Love and Sex

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These two rarely stay together forever, but like no one else are able to converge and scatter several times.

Scorpio Woman and Scorpio Man Compatibility: Love and SexCompatibility in love

The union of two ambitious Scorpions is good in the early years, when they enjoy each other’s company. If they do not take a lot of risk, they can succeed in business, and they will easily divide other spheres in half.

Then their distinctive features begin to interfere with both: they become more selfish and stubborn, they hardly find compromises and repel each other, like two equally charged magnets. Problems can be solved by long conversations and adjustments to each other, which is also not easy for them, because both want the other to give up.

Sex Compatibility

Beautiful intimate life smoothes out many sharp corners. They are so well suited to each other, which sometimes continue to have sex, no longer being in a relationship. Passion, desire for new things, the realization of violent fantasies, a lot of poses in one night – all this is about them.

Therefore, physical betrayals they almost do not threaten (except that on the horizon will be the third Scorpio). But virtual novels can be, if someone does not have enough tenderness and adoring looks. As a rule, the second is very jealous, and they can disperse.