Scorpio Woman and Leo Man Compatibility: Love and Sex

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These signs are very similar to their huge ambitions, the thirst for life and the desire to get everything from it.

Scorpio Woman and Leo Man Compatibility: Love and SexCompatibility in love

This couple probably formed immediately, barely a Leo man and Scorpio woman looked at each other. All this is favorable both for the family hearth and for the business: joint decisions usually turn out to be correct and bring them great income.

However, if in public they act as a united front, the house can become a battleground. Both of them want to dominate, they know the pain points of each other, they are not inclined to compromise – that’s enough reason to quarrel loudly. To make the union last a long time, both should restrain their ardor and adapt to their partner.

Sex Compatibility

Battles are often carried to bed, but here they are very appropriate. Powerful energy, the desire to please the partner, the endless thirst for novelty and the embodiment of fantasy – this sex can be removed as a textbook! Even in old age, they will not get bored.

Any of them can change if it feels that it is not appreciated enough. This is a rather sad occasion, and everything can be prevented if they learn to calmly discuss problems. If not, the second partner will be jealous and the couple can break up, despite all that binds her.