Scorpio Horoscope 2019

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Scorpio Horoscope 2019The Year of the Pig will be the beginning of a special two-year phase in the life of the Scorpions. During this time, you will have a unique opportunity to discover new facets in yourself, to see your calling. The end of last year was overshadowed by the arrival of Saturn in the constellation of Scorpio. You were like hand in hand, you had to solve several problems at the same time, you were in constant tension from the fact that you took responsibility for all the events in your life.

In the future, in 2019, you will have to pay bills for ignoring the opportunities given to you by the universe in 2018 and for abusing your power position. Saturn in 2019 will force you to answer for your behavior towards others, namely for: total control, manipulation and pressure.

In 2019, you will have to reconsider your life positions and argue with the actions of the responsible person that your intentions are serious. And then your fate will not be so gloomy and some difficulties that await you, you can avoid.

The entry of Jupiter in the sign of Cancer, which will be held on June 26, will open up bright prospects for you. This sign corresponds to the 9th house in the astrological chart. You will have the opportunity to get those new knowledge that will become necessary in later life. In 2019 your old dreams of getting an education abroad or about a long-awaited cruise around the countries can come true. The second half of 2019 will give you the opportunity to find your happiness away from your home.

Last year the planet Neptune in Pisces began its slow movement, which will continue in 2019 and will exert its influence on many spheres of Scorpio’s life: personal relationships, relationships with children, creativity, enthusiasm in the professional sphere. In 2019 the Scorpions are waiting for a happy family life and love, which they have long been waiting for. Here you can not do without the intervention of magical forces and cosmic impact, but you need to remember that you should not engage in idealizing the environment. In addition, in order not to be disappointed in your relationships with children, try to really look at the problems that, by the way, already exist.

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