Scorpio: About Scorpio Dates, Astrology and Horoscope

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ScorpioAbout Scorpio
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Zodiac sign Scorpio (October 24 – November 22)

Born under the sign of the zodiac Scorpio (October 24 – November 22) are inconsistent in their actions and decisions, they have a lot of internal differences. This sign is one of the most powerful in the zodiac. They are heartless and at the same time can be sensual, one can experience passion or hostility towards them. They analyze well and at the same time have a keen sense of it. The people of the zodiac sign Scorpio (October 24 – November 22) are tireless, persistently moving towards public recognition and fame, for them there are no barriers. Prone to venomous ridicule, they have a bottomless, almost mysterious understanding of existence. Often seek grand public recognition.

Star sign Scorpio by period of birth

Zodiac sign Scorpio (October 24 – November 2). The greatest impact at birth on these people had Mars. They tend to have a feeling of dissatisfaction due to unfulfilled hopes and failed affairs. They are prone to the sciences and practical activities for the treatment and prevention of diseases, endowed with the ability to treat patients. People born during this period are indecisive in their youth and tireless when they grow up.
The numbers that contribute to happiness and luck: 15, 30, 45, 60.

Zodiac Scorpio (November 3 – November 13). The greatest influence at birth on these people had the sun. These are powerful, highly moral, sensual, enterprising and endowed with high spiritual qualities of people, always striving to achieve their goals.
Numbers that contribute to happiness and luck: 15, 25, 30, 45, 50, 60, 75.

Zodiac Scorpio (November 14 – November 22). The greatest impact at birth on these people had Venus. These are not serious and excitable personalities. Easily and quickly imbued with heartfelt feelings, endowed with acting skills and strong emotions.
Numbers that contribute to happiness and luck: 15, 25, 30, 45, 50.

Scorpio Characteristic

Zodiac sign Scorpio has a persistent and unshakable character. People around him treat the man of the zodiac sign Scorpio either well, or dislike, but never indifferent. Scorpio is a creation of the mind and at the same time a strong sensual attraction. Those born under this zodiac love to reflect on the difficulties of life, cause genuine interest in the opposite sex, discuss and like to win with pleasure.

People of the zodiac sign Scorpio are intelligent, exquisitely polite, these are personalities of opposites. In most cases, it is extremely harsh and suspicious, engrossed in and non-sensitive to those around. They do not listen to the point of view of others and when meeting with obstacles they develop their own battle strategy, they are extremely strict and demanding in electing comrades. Zodiac Scorpio is extremely difficult to sacrifice their principles.

Under the influence of Mars, some features of the nature of the zodiac sign of Scorpio change, which is expressed in excessive sexual sensuality and hostility. Arid and hot Mars endows stubbornness, incontinence and aggressive character traits. Zodiac Scorpio can be described as a combination of heart feelings and death, as life force, tragedy, attraction, mystery, the desire to express one’s personality, rebellion.

In people, the sign of the zodiac Scorpio hides strongly pronounced feelings, sleeping, but not fading. The human nature of the sign Scorpio does not change even after a long time. He is always satisfied with himself, and even, despite the changes, he understands what he needs. The essence of Scorpio’s character is steadfastness. He never weakens the desire to live, always protesting at every attempt to bring about, stubborn, before denying any authority, especially when he is re-read. He puts his interests above the interests of society, neglects the point of view and rules of the people around him. The intentions of the man of the sign Scorpio are final and not negotiable.

Zodiac sign Scorpio is endowed with the ability to influence other zodiacs. Recognizes the nature of a person at a glance, he himself is suspicious and always remains for others a hidden and inaccessible riddle. He does not want to fascinate anyone, but he is endowed with considerable and at the same time exacting sentimentality. The realization of sentimental desires in a mysterious way makes Scorpio free, peaceful and confident.

Scorpios show interest in the unknown, feel a sense of annoyance when they see the well-being and success of others, mocking and two-faced. The people of the zodiac Scorpio is quite simple to bring into a state of agitation and anxiety. They are prone to kindheartedness, they are able to display an attractive force and a huge eroticism for others. They can be organizers of social reforms, they have the gift of foresight, they are able to withhold impracticable intentions and use wish fruitfully. They adore rivalry and in no case allow themselves to get discouraged at the sight of the obstacles that have arisen.

Scorpio man

Scorpio man is not like any other man zodiac constellations. He is so unique that he needs an explanation of some details concerning his character.

Scorpio man loves solitary walks through the streets of the city. He is not so good-looking to attract a woman only with his appearance, he prefers to wear clothes that do not attract too much attention, but his eyes! The fascinating gaze of the Scorpion Men attracts, forces to act according to his desires and carries with him. Discretion with a man of this zodiac sign never hurts. Talking about every little thing Scorpio man mentally examines you, looking for weakness and when the time comes he is able to take advantage of your defenselessness for his own purposes. You will not feel that you will find yourself in his power, you will be his puppet, which will eventually start to overly annoy.

Scorpio man is masculinity and sexual power. It’s pretty easy to seduce, but creating a real relationship with him is not so easy.

If you have a strong and strong will, do not be afraid of the enchanting glance of Scorpio Men, show yourself to be an exceptional woman in statements, actions, ability to behave in public and having good manners. Realizing what an extraordinary man you are. Scorpio will be indescribable delight. Be truthful, but not completely open. Do not tell him about your shortcomings, since later, except for grief, this will lead to nothing. Do not express your thoughts about his person in the ear, because being offended may not be excused.

The Scorpio man is extremely susceptible, as a result of which he erects around himself an impenetrable barrier and is extremely difficult to tolerate the desire of others to break it. Be affectionate and gentle, try not to awaken once again the feelings of a Scorpio man, if you do not want a close relationship with him. Do not try to lead him, he does not love this and will never forgive you for it. Try to understand and fulfill the secret desire of Scorpio, for this your loved one will be immensely grateful to you.

Playing with the Scorpion Mark Man is an unwise move. He will be jealous, domineering and will never allow a woman to control him. Let him lead, because Scorpio man is an honest and charming person, and you can never go wrong if you entrust him to plan an evening for him! He is a man of mood, however, it changes as if the movement of a pendulum on a clock. Do not throw him in a difficult moment, be near, he will calm down and everything will be normalized. Do not carp and grumble at him until he understands his feelings and emotions. Scorpio man is a great defender and you will always feel safe.

Scorpio woman

A Scorpio woman belongs to the category of people who can be trusted with secrets without any fear. She will reliably keep both her own and other people’s secrets that no one in the world, including the spouse of the woman Scorpio, can understand.

Depending on what advantages a Scorpio Woman discovers in a person, her behavior in communicating with him is also coordinated. Persons whom the woman Scorpio considers to be a viable type and worthy of attention, arouse her favor, and the helpless will not receive a passing glance. In the case when the situation takes such a turn that the family union cannot be realized for any reason, the feelings of the Scorpion Woman towards her beloved become even stronger and warmer, and she absolutely doesn’t care what others are thinking and gossiping about.

Despite the striving for a vivid expression of her independence, the Scorpio Woman will give the privilege of being the head of the family to the man and use every opportunity so that he will succeed in his designs.

In any case, a Scorpio woman will not scold, make stern remarks and rebuke grievances with other people, even if she is very angry. She will leave her own indignation for later, when there are no outsiders.

Women of the sign of Scorpio love their home, which can be distinguished by its accuracy, pleasant disposition of life and elegance.

A Scorpio woman is groundlessly mistrustful, often without any reason doubts her husband’s loyalty and when she discovers that she has been betrayed, her anger is terrible. Remaining extremely doubtful in the loyalty of a loved one, she is angry if she doubts his loyalty.

In the interests of the successful promotion of a spouse through the career ladder, a Scorpio woman can give up her wishes. She is able to quit equipped housing and move to an unknown residential center, is able to accept the fact that for some period the spouse will not earn as much as she would like if there is a likelihood of another job to climb higher on the career ladder.

Due to extraordinary observation, the woman of the zodiac sign Scorpio is able to understand the inner essence of a person and his hidden intentions. That is why, without fear, one can rely on her opinion about a person, having communicated with whom she will unmistakably determine his merits and what should beware of.

With regards to matrimonial cash, then the situation is ambiguous. A woman of this sign can be ludicrously thrifty, or even a lot and unreasonably spending money. You need to understand that the Scorpio Woman loves magnificence and convenience, but all this costs a lot of money.

From the side it seems as if Mother Scorpio does not show feelings and is indifferent to her offspring, but daughters and sons feel that they are under the indestructible shield of maternal care. She will tell them how to cope with any life problem and that all efforts must be made for the success of their own plans. She will teach matured offspring to understand human nature and correctly determine their strengths and weaknesses. If a son or daughter possesses natural endowments in any business, then these skills will help Mother Scorpio to improve to the ideal.

Scorpio Compatibility

Compatibility zodiac signs Scorpio and Aries. Extremely sensual and passionate in sexual relations a couple, in a relationship which you can catch aggressive notes. The union of Aries with Scorpio is filled with pleasure, but it is transient because of the nature of Scorpio that is prone to doubt the loyalty of the partner.

Compatibility zodiac signs Scorpio and Taurus. Extremely dissimilar in nature zodiacs, however, in a striking manner, quite well get along under the same roof. Taurus is reliable, faithful and quite benevolent to appease the strong nature of the zodiac Scorpio. Both of them value long-term relationships, on which they work together.

Compatibility zodiac signs Scorpio and Gemini. The relationship between Scorpio and Gemini is due to the continuous rivalry of the two zodiacs, which are changeable in their nature, where the deceptive and changeable Gemini are capable of driving the madness of a partner full of jealousy.

Compatibility zodiac signs Scorpio and Cancer. Scorpio and Cancer are quite interesting for each other, but even though their relationship is not without difficulties, the resolution of which usually takes not so much time, the union of this pair of zodiacs is able to move to a new level, to be happy and long.

Compatibility zodiac signs Scorpio and Leo. Often the relationship between Scorpio and Leo is not easy and short. This union is good sexually, but the impetuous nature of Scorpio and the presence of leadership character traits in each of the zodiac signs of this couple can make quite a lot of complications in the relationship between them, as well as lead to reproaches and accusations from the elect.

Compatibility zodiac signs Scorpio and Virgo. The Sagittarius is not able to calmly, without unnecessary emotions, transfer the nature of Virgo, which is persistent, picky and penetrating into every detail. Not the best option for the Sagittarius zodiac. Virgo does not want to delve into the specifics of the life of Sagittarius, she focuses only on his being and the resolution of personal difficulties.

Compatibility zodiac signs Scorpio and Libra. Scorpio possesses the nature of a jealous man, which will invariably manifest, and cause inconvenience to the harmony of the nature of Libra. Of course, such a relationship, in most cases, is quite difficult for the zodiac Libra, but the union of these signs is sometimes not very long and cannot be destroyed, and not one of the zodiacs will ever be able to change each other in this ongoing combat.

Compatibility zodiac signs Scorpio and Scorpio. With regard to sexual relationships, then the zodiacs of this pair fit each other. In everyday life, they are not so smooth because of the excessive similarity of nature.

Compatibility zodiac signs Scorpio and Sagittarius. This relationship is a waste of time for each of the partners, since Scorpio and Sagittarius are extremely different in nature. Yes, for the zodiacs it is quite an interesting and tempting connection, but it does not carry a common bright future. Scorpio loves the hearth, and Sagittarius pulls to travel and adventure.

Compatibility zodiac signs Scorpio and Capricorn. An excellent couple, the relationship of which, in most cases, are long lasting. Scorpio and Capricorn have the same outlook on life, lovingly and affectionately preserve the comfort of home. They are compatible both on the mental and the physiological level, without special efforts meet the needs of each other.

Compatibility zodiac signs Scorpio and Aquarius. The zodiacs of this pair are too different in their views, morality and vision of spiritual values, which contributes to the short duration of their relationship. Aquarius is experiencing a need for freedom of action, and the zodiac sign Scorpio is the owner and wants to fully possess his chosen one – these signs do not fit each other.

Compatibility zodiac signs Scorpio and Pisces. For the zodiac Scorpio, this union, perhaps, is one of the most sensual and sexual. The Pisces will make a lot of effort so that the whims, cravings and desires of the partner are associated with it, which allows you to count on the long-term relationship.

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