Sagittarius Woman and Pisces Man Compatibility: Love and Sex

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This union looks rather strange, because they are very different and for a long time they converge. But the result will exceed all expectations.

Sagittarius Woman and Pisces Man Compatibility: Love and SexCompatibility in love

The Pisces man is a cautious and not-strong-willed homebody, the Sagittarius woman is assertive and surrounded by friends. Nevertheless, they agree on mutual interest and if they slightly alter themselves as a partner, it will be good. They can conduct a common business, where it will be the locomotive, and he – a talented performer.

Conflicts arise often, they are caused by the difference in speed and approaches to life. She reproaches him for hesitations, he does not keep up with her activity. In addition, both want to dominate, but together it is not very convenient because of different views. Sometimes he accumulates irritation for a long time and spills it all at once.

Sex Compatibility

The intimate life of this couple is not the most passionate, but mutually pleasant. He is a sensual nature, she is in many ways the same, but more passionate and open to the new. If they do not let things take their course and reduce the priority of sex to the minimum, the fuse will last for a long time.

The woman in this couple often lacks freedom, and on the side she wants to make sure that everything is still good. He is jealous, takes treason painfully, and often it becomes the last straw in the cup of his patience.