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SagittariusAbout Sagittarius
Sagittarius Characteristic
Sagittarius man
Sagittarius woman
Sagittarius Compatibility

Zodiac sign Sagittarius (November 23 – December 21)

Those born under the sign of the zodiac Sagittarius (November 23 – December 21) are deprived of hypocrisy, sincere and delightful personalities, sometimes even become world idols. They do not consider it necessary to follow generally accepted rules and restrictions. The people of the Sagittarius zodiac sign (November 23 – December 21) are independent, adore wanderings and adventures, read books, are tireless, active, seek high public recognition in their work.

Zodiac sign Sagittarius by period of birth

Star sign Sagittarius (November 23 – December 2). The greatest impact at birth on these people had a Mercury. They are passionate, courageous, independent individuals influenced by someone with an unshakable character. They are interested in hunting and love to play sports.
Numbers conducive to happiness and luck: 36, 40.

Zodiac Sagittarius (December 3 – December 12). The greatest influence at birth on these people had the moon. They have developed creative thinking, adore wanderings and adventures, much fiction, unstable, there is a frequent change of mental state.
The numbers that contribute to happiness and luck: 15, 30, 40, 45, 60.

Zodiac Sagittarius (December 13 – December 21). The greatest impact at birth on these people had Saturn. They are persistent, have an impressionable and sentimental nature, adore comfort and magnificence, and are addicted to gourmet food, which they prefer to use in a calm, relaxed atmosphere.
Numbers that contribute to happiness and luck: 19, 36, 38, 40, 45, 57, 75.

Sagittarius Characteristic

Those born under the sign of the zodiac Sagittarius are endowed with imagination, have a businesslike, independent, vigorous and cheerful attitude, as well as a good-naturedly mocking sense of humor. The Sagittarius zodiac sign has a large number of friends, they do not tolerate flattery, the conversation with them evokes positive emotions, because it is truthful and frank, but the Sagittarius people of the zodiac sign do not tolerate hurt feelings or injustice.

The Sagittarius zodiac sign is of tremendous importance for a person. He has an approving feedback and praise from those around him, he is very frank, truthful and sincere. The people of the zodiac Sagittarius make objectivity, impartiality and inexhaustible vitality make you go forward. They are happy to spend their free time at the textbook, but they do not neglect pleasant pastime. It is interesting to talk with the person of this sign, but the excessive veracity, sometimes told to the interlocutor, turns people away from them.

People of the zodiac sign Sagittarius are capable of being highly intelligent, unshakable personalities with a large number of followers. They are both confused, and with a strong character, outstanding and eminent, and even ordinary crazy.

Zodiac sign Sagittarius can be divided into two categories of a person’s personality, character traits of which can intertwine with each other. A part of Streltsov spends a lot of time on travels, both in dreams and in reality. Others prefer to spend their free time at the hearth, focusing their interest on quiet, non-straining activities. In people of this zodiac sign are able to live together several opposites, which are not always incompatible. In most cases, in Sagittarius the innovator lives longing for the past, and the dreams of an adventurer in an immaculate man. However, negative and positive, energetic and inactive Sagittarius, everyone is nervous because of their status, always striving to show themselves from the best side, so that their first acquaintance with them will be spectacular and memorable for a long time. People of this sign want to be perfect and usually achieve the desired only after the age of 40.

Full development man zodiac sign Sagittarius reaches its majority. Women are able to achieve social and spiritual progress. Sometimes they can be compared to woman horse warriors who aggressively pursue the same or more masculine rights than men.

Sagittarius man

Men Sagittarius has many comrades and friends and practically no enemies, which is extremely beneficial for his cheerful and satisfied life of the individual.

The weaker sex of mankind is often predisposed to see not the real feelings experienced by the Sagittarius for them, but the desired ones. Sagittarius is very frivolous, easily and quickly imbued with heartfelt feelings, but one cannot say that these feelings are forever. Usually they are transient and more fit the definition of a minor hobby. In the case when the object of love, not realizing the real intentions of the Sagittarius man, wants to grab it, it will either run off headlong, or pretend that it is a funny trick.

If you decide to lure a man archer into a love trap, then use the following tips. Do not suspect and do not blame for any insignificant reason of treason, do not need to be incredulous. Give the Sagittarius Man the opportunity to spend his free time at his own discretion, and try to exercise control over him unobtrusively and unobtrusively. Do not try out the Sagittarius Man, where he was at one time or another, do not roll up the scandal, do not whimper and do not intimidate him with a promise to leave. Try to look at what is happening with his eyes and make every effort to become a woman, which the Man of Sagittarius wants to contemplate. Be generous, relaxed, admired, show that you, like him, adore independence, that you have many other hobbies besides him. Making sure that you really have these virtues, the man of this zodiac sign will happily announce that you are the only one he has been looking for.

A Sagittarius man is not a fan and supporter of close relations with his and other relatives, so he will not burden you with this, and you try not to torment him.

When you marry a man archer, follow the same rules of action that helped you become his wife. Do not interfere with his pastime outside the family. Do not try to find out how and where he spent time. And in the case when you notice that he is in a state of intense irritation, give the Man the sign Sagittarius time to cool down and calm down. Do not pay attention to gossip and do not doubt the veracity of his words.

If you are endowed with those or other abilities, do not hesitate to show them to the Sagittarius Man and this will make an extremely favorable impression on him. After marriage, do not refuse to read, because the man of the zodiac sign Sagittarius has a very negative attitude towards women with a limited outlook.

Keep in mind that at times, the Sagittarius man is capable of extremely impolite remarks, pointing out the flaws you have found. However, such is his life.

The Sagittarius Father is indifferent to his offspring in the first years of their life, but the older the children become, the more caring and sensitive they get. With desire and joy, along with his offspring, the man Sagittarius will be engaged in running, physical and other exercises, walking through the city’s streets, parks, woods and other places. In the one and only Sagittarius, invariably firm and stern, he hates deception.

Regarding your relationship with him after the birth of a child, you can say the following. If a sign Sagittarius man invites you to go with him to an event, give the children to the care of trusted people and agree to his proposal.

Sagittarius woman

What the Sagittarius Woman can say may not be to your liking and even more, you will be terrified. However, having found out what impression she made on you, the Woman Sagittarius will immediately try to soften the deed by a mischievous humor, affection or tenderness.

The woman Sagittarius is so honest that at times she wants her to at least embellish the truth with a lie, because not every person wants to know the whole truth. For most people, complimentary praise is much sweeter.

In order for the Sagittarius Woman to fulfill your wish, you must not command, but ask her to do so. She would not sacrifice her own independence, personality and habitual way of doing anything.

By nature, the Woman Sagittarius is a naive child. Her vision of the world and beliefs are so innocent that anyone can fool her. Such a statement seems unusual, since Sagittarius Woman is extremely intelligent, consistent, has a well-developed intellect and is able to find an answer to every, even the most difficult question, and also to prove the hardest theorem. However, the woman of this zodiac sign is very vulnerable, as a result of which she is often brought painfully to experience trouble, failure, grief. At the same time, the Woman Sagittarius is inflexible. Self-esteem, faith in the future and success helps her with dignity to cope with any difficult and difficult situation. No matter how bad she was, she would not show her depressed state, but would create the impression of a carefree and joyful person.

The woman of the sign Sagittarius, does not have any great interest in marriage, which is why you will need to arrange quite a lot of various seductions in order to lure her into their traps.

Perhaps the Woman Sagittarius refuses to quit her career. No need to convince her otherwise. She will do whatever she wants anyway. You need to be patient and wait for the moment when the situation will favor your interest.

Sagittarius women do not tolerate restoring order, monitoring the cleanliness of clothes and underwear, as well as performing other monotonous and annoying family duties. But at the same time, do not forget to give housing at least comparative accuracy. Pastime in the kitchen also can not be attributed to the adorable case, and cooking, well, by no means, does not cause her unbridled joy.

The woman of the zodiac sign Sagittarius is cheerful, a bad mood is not a frequent visitor to her house. Feeling a sense of unjustly grieving or insulting, she is able to transform into a maliciously mocking witch. However, the woman of this zodiac sign is not vindictive, and pretty soon ceases to remember about the grief caused to her. At times, it may seem that the Sagittarius Woman is a bit serious, but this perception is deceptive. In fact, it is extremely sensitive.

Daughters and sons are very fond of the Mother of the Zodiac sign Sagittarius, because in her home a good atmosphere reigns for the formation of the child’s personality – carelessness, good mood and cheerfulness. Do not forget to include the above truthfulness, fearlessness and intelligence. Only one Mother-Sagittarius pays little attention to the upbringing, because it is teaching children to follow the established rules and procedures.

The woman Sagittarius loves when friends and acquaintances come to her home, and her good nature, hospitality and goodwill evoke feelings of sympathy to the extent that guests feel extremely comfortable.

Sagittarius Compatibility

Compatibility zodiac signs Sagittarius and Aries. A good union as long as the relationship between the zodiac of this pair is based on mutual trust, filled with friendship and love. Unfounded and coquetry – Sagittarius and Aries are inherently compatible signs. Although not for a long time, however, Aries can still close its eyes to the absence of a Sagittarius, but the latter can hardly build a relationship based on confidence in mutual honesty and honesty.

Compatibility zodiac signs Sagittarius and Taurus. In order to meet the demands of Sagittarius, people of the zodiac sign Taurus follow a certain leisurely and organized type of life. This union is hardly possible, since for Taurus the partner is a wanderer without explicit admonition.

Compatibility zodiac signs Sagittarius and Gemini. Signs of extremely different nature give this union additional passion and fervor of relations. Sagittarius and Gemini love the risk, the duration of their relationship depends strongly on the location of fortune, because if one of the partners is not around, then the other leads to love adventures.

Compatibility zodiac signs Sagittarius and Cancer. Sagittarius caressed about the fate too unnecessarily practical and material for Cancer, often soaring somewhere in interreality and dreaming not at all about the elect with the kind of Sagittarius. However, the difference in views and characters and attracts these zodiacs. It must still be said that this alliance is not the best option for creating long-lasting relationships.

Compatibility zodiac signs Sagittarius and Leo. Wonderful and compatible pair. Sagittarius is extremely similar to Leo, moreover, not against the leadership of his partner, which is sometimes an extremely important factor for a successful relationship with Leo. This couple will enjoy travels and adventures, useless and careless expenses, but Leo should not forget that all money matters will have to be solved only by him alone.

Compatibility zodiac signs Sagittarius and Virgo. Sagittarius is not able to calmly, persistently, picky and delving into every little thing, behavior of the Virgo, without unnecessary emotions. Not a good partner for Sagittarius. Virgo has no desire to delve into the specifics of her partner’s life, she is only concerned with her being and the resolution of personal difficulties.

Compatibility zodiac signs Sagittarius and Libra. A very good pair for mutual relations. The charm and thirst for adventure of the zodiac Sagittarius is fully consistent with the desires and hobbies of Libra, and the cute and attractive appearance, as well as the high level of spiritual values ​​of the latter will certainly seduce Sagittarius.

Compatibility zodiac signs Sagittarius and Scorpio. The relationship between Sagittarius and Scorpio is a waste of time for each of the partners, since they are extremely different in nature and nature. Yes, for them it is quite an interesting and tempting connection, but does not carry a bright future together. Scorpio loves to spend time at home, and Sagittarius pulls to travel and adventure.

Compatibility zodiac signs Sagittarius and Sagittarius. The union of these zodiacs belongs to the category of unpredictable, which sometimes is even a positive moment in their mutual relations, since it allows them to revive their feelings and give them freshness. This is not to say that this relationship is necessarily long-lasting, but the fact that hot and passionate feelings usually arise between partners so definitely.

Compatibility zodiac signs Sagittarius and Capricorn. The tendency to act under the influence of a sudden urge, a risk and a constant, non-cooling craving for adventure – this is how Sagittarius can be described; and all this causes fear in prudent Capricorn. This is an incompatible pair, they are too dissimilar in both their nature and their hobbies.

Compatibility zodiac signs Sagittarius and Aquarius. Both partners are experiencing irrepressible thirst for adventure and travel. Both the one and the second are capable of long-term relationships, especially when love is present, and even when the partners are far from each other, each of the zodiacs has the awareness that they are remembered and awaited by the beloved.

Compatibility zodiac signs Sagittarius and Pisces. The charm and warmth emanated by people born under the zodiac sign of Pisces, attracts Sagittarius, who, in turn, possessing an indomitable kind, attracts the Pisces, eager to hide behind him from difficulties and misfortunes. However, when hard times come, the zodiacs of this couple cannot fully understand each other and find the right solution to a pressing problem, so as not to destroy the harmony of relationships.

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