Sagittarius 2020 Horoscope Overview

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Sagittarius 2020 Love Horoscope

Sagittarius 2020 Horoscope OverviewJupiter remains in your sector of passion and intimacy until July 16th, Sagittarius. You continue to try to improve the intimate relationships that you have, grow closer to people, and bring more passion into your life. You want more intense relationships, but not too intense. You just want to be sure that they’re completely dedicated to you, and that they take the relationship seriously.

Uranus remains in your love sector all year, and you want excitement in your love life and in your love relationships. You’re attracted to people who are unusual, different, and original, and you want some spice in your relationships. Some of you may try to instigate changes in your love relationships, and if you jump too fast, it could go badly. Don’t make changes just for the sake of change.

Mercury will retrograde (appear to move backward) June 6th – July 1st, and he’ll start in your sector of passion and intimacy before moving into your relationships sector June 17th. You can feel as though you’re not connecting with anyone, and have trouble with those you’re close to. Some of you may see the return of an old lover. But do you want them to come back?

Sagittarius 2020 Career Horoscope

Pluto remains in your money sector all year, and you can struggle with your finances. You have to learn what you need to survive, relinquish any emotional ties to material possessions, and learn what really matters in life. Until you do that, this transit will be a disturbing one. Once you do learn that, it’ll transform you.

The year begins with Venus retrograde in your money sector until January 31st, and you can have some financial issues arise. You may have an unexpected expense and have to scrape together the money. You could blow through your rainy day fund and then suddenly need it for something. This is a good time to buy something you’ve wanted to buy before, or to buy something refurbished.

Mars is in your money sector October 26th through December 4th, and you’re driven to increase your finances in some way. You could do some more work, sell some extra stuff, or rework your budget so you have more money to spare. The more money you have left, the better you feel. You can also be prone to spending too much money though, so hold on to your wallet if you don’t want to do that.

Sagittarius 2020 General Horoscope

Saturn will enter your sign to end the year on December 23rd, and you’ll begin the journey of Saturn in Sagittarius. You’ll enter a period where you have more responsibilities and have to be more serious and mature, and you’ll put in a lot of work without much reward. You’ll be coming out of a heavy period with Saturn in Scorpio, and while this one will be lighter, it won’t be light.

Neptune will remain in Pisces all year, and those of you born November 25th through December 1st will feel the impact of a square (difficult aspect) by Neptune. You can have trouble seeing reality, getting lost in fantasy, buy into illusions/delusions, and let yourself get carried away. Those of you born November 29th – December 1st will be impacted most by the turn retrograde on June 9th, and those of you born November 25th – 28th will be impacted most by the turn direct on November 16th.

During the first half of the year, you focus more on your dreams and hopes for your future, and during the second half of the year, you focus more on seeing the world in a new way. A full moon occurs in your sign on June 13th, and you can see something come to an end, finish a project, realize a goal, or see bad choices lead to consequences. Those of you born December 12th – 15th will be impacted most by this full moon. A new moon occurs in your sign on November 22nd, and you can start a new project, feel positive, or be offered a new opportunity. Those of you born as Sagittarians on November 22nd, and on November 23rd – 24th will be impacted by this new moon most.

Sagittarius 2020 Month-by-Month Mini Horoscopes

January 2020

Your mind is going faster than usual this month, and you need to force yourself to pause every so often so you don’t stick your foot in your mouth. You may not normally care if you do that, but you could say the wrong thing to the wrong person and regret it this time, so be careful.

May 2020

You want to show love and affection for those you care about, and you want to spend time with them. You don’t mind focusing on them instead of yourself right now, and you almost prefer it. You can come up with your best ideas and feel most alive when you’re focusing on a loved one.

September 2020

Your energy increases during the middle of the month, and you feel reinvigorated. Take some of this energy and dedicate it to your friends. Spending some time with them will help you feel better after all of the work you’ve had to do lately. Catch up with them and see what they’re up to.

February 2020

You have to continue to watch what you say this month. You may feel like no one is understanding you, or your brain can’t process anything anyone tries to say. Don’t be afraid to ask them to repeat themselves so you understand, and maybe keep your own thoughts to yourself for a little while.

June 2020

You think you say the right thing, but they run away upset. They think they’re saying the right thing, and you run away upset. It’s a lot of that this month, and you have to be more forgiving of what other people say to you right now. They’re bound to stick their foot in their mouth as much as you usually do.

October 2020

You’re questioning the dream that you’ve been focusing on, and you think that you should just walk away now before you waste more time. You’re not wasting time on this dream, only on your questioning. Your confidence can take you far, so believe in yourself.

March 2020

Your drive and enthusiasm for your future seems to dry up in March. You don’t want to work at any of it, and you don’t believe in your ability to achieve any of your dreams anyway. Why are you so down on yourself? Something has you feeling insecure. Face it now.

July 2020

If something interests you, you dive right into it and try to find out as much as you can this month. It feels natural to you, and you can get to the core of the matter. In doing so, you might finally be able to let go and move on. Understanding can lead to the release you need.

November 2020

You’re quieter than usual this month, and you’re thinking about things, life in general, and where you’re going and what you should be taking with you. Whatever you can let go of, do it. There’s no need to carry around anything that isn’t absolutely necessary. All that does is hold you back.

April 2020

You enjoy spending time at home, and your thoughts are focused on light subjects, though you do have a lot to get done and are trying to stay organized. You may need to let go of a friend or leave a group temporarily mid-month. It probably won’t last forever though.

August 2020

You’re focused on a goal in August, and you can zero in on it, shutting out everything else so you can focus solely on that. The more you do that, you more you’ll accomplish. Just make sure you’re not completely ignoring everyone you care about too, or you’ll also accomplish pushing people away.

December 2020

You held a lot in last month as you were thinking, so you become a chatterbox in December. You feel good about yourself, getting your confidence back, and you understand your values a little bit better. Just don’t spend too much if you don’t have to or you’ll find yourself in trouble.