Rooster and Dog Compatibility Chinese Astrology

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Rooster and Dog Compatibility

Rooster and Dog Compatibility Chinese AstrologyDog and Rooster compatibility are frankly bad. There will be some mutual interest, but he will not get into a serious relationship.

Dog woman and Rooster man are not the best combination. They are quite different in emotional terms. The Rooster man is a very prominent member of society, he loves to fascinate and does it masterfully. This person has a certain amount of charisma, he is not afraid to have his own opinion or to break traditions. In addition, his arsenal has a sharp mind, eloquence and a penchant for romance. Dog woman – flexible, honest and hardworking Mademoiselle. She loves children very much and is prone to self-sacrifice in the name of the family. Sincerity is an important unifying factor – both partners are very sensitive to such concepts as truth and honor. However, they still have more differences. These include the dictatorial manners of the Rooster man – his passion may not want to tolerate these tricks and flashes of emotions, sometimes uncontrollable. In general, the difference in temperaments will greatly interfere with partners: ice and fire in some way. What is in the order of things for one is completely unacceptable for the other, and vice versa.
The Dog man and the Rooster woman is an unfortunate combination. They are too different, especially in terms of temperament and perception of the world. The Rooster woman is a very bright lady: both externally and internally. Society for her is a necessary environment for life. In addition, she has a utilitarian mindset and is very practical. The Dog man is a very honest, friendly, active moralist. This gentleman is efficient and hardy. They can converge on the love of honesty, but still in other aspects they are quite different. A calm Dog man sometimes simply will not be able to understand the hot-tempered Rooster woman, which will lead to quarrels and omissions.

According to the Chinese horoscope, the Dog and the Rooster do not suit each other. Of course, there is no predetermined and 100% probability, but still there is a definite tendency.