Rat and Tiger Compatibility Chinese Astrology

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Rat and Tiger Compatibility

Rat and Tiger Compatibility Chinese AstrologyThe Rat – Tiger pair in the oriental horoscope is a rather peculiar union. By virtue of the versatility of the characters, they can be both truly happy and unhappy.

Tiger woman and Rat man should be as careful as possible to their relationship, otherwise the disaster can not be avoided. Both signs are individualists, above all is their personal life and success, so the man will not always understand the mood of his second half, which may be weak today and need protection, and tomorrow he will be a real tigress with his own opinion and ambitions.
A man-rat is a true adherent of moderation and stability, which is probably the main problem, because for a tigress such a life is too dull. She is an emotional person who does not want to sit still. The family hearth, with its routine, seems to be something boring and uninteresting to it. Preserving the relationship, in this union, will fall completely on the shoulders of the man, he must learn to be more loyal, sometimes overstep himself and try to understand his beloved.

Tiger man and Rat woman are surprisingly similar to each other people. Character traits, behaviors and habits are identical, and this is actually the problem. They like when the world is “spinning” around them, they prefer to be in the center of attention, because of which frequent conflicts arise. Excessive temper and irritability can lead to mutual hatred, so it is important to pay attention to detail, especially when resolving quarrels. A small harsh statement during the discussion of domestic problems can lead to resentment, and then to parting. The strong mood swings of the spouse, the lack of a certain stability, will upset, because of which both can become unhappy.

It is worth noting that a pair of Tiger – Rat, whose compatibility in the Chinese horoscope is relative, can still be happy, the most important thing is understanding and listening skills. They have a huge number of common interests, moreover, having moderated their ambitions, they will become indispensable helpers for each other, and this concerns not only family life, but also working questions. The joint business will be extremely successful if the Rat man gives his lady the opportunity to lead, as well as if he listens to her while solving important issues. In general, a union can become extraordinarily happy if both signs die out.

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