Rat and Snake Compatibility Chinese Astrology

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Rat and Snake Compatibility

Compatibility of the Rat – Snake pair in the Chinese calendar is not always happy. Basically, their success will depend on how the man perceives his chosen one.

Rat and Snake Compatibility Chinese AstrologyThe Union of the Rat man and the Snake woman will become problematic for the Rat, because it will do everything for the charming Snake woman, will forgive her mistakes, but the most dangerous thing is that he may not notice the betrayal.
The Snake is very unstable in relationships. Having charmed the Rat with her, she is immediately taken to seeking satisfaction on the side. Such an attitude will cost a man considerable experiences that will develop into conflicts, but in the depths of his soul the Rat will always hope for the best and believe that the second half will change and settle down, although he knows that this will never happen. Having failed to achieve mutual understanding, the Rat, driven into a corner, will begin to attack the companion, in an attempt to achieve reciprocity in feelings, but Snake cannot tolerate pressure and, most likely, will leave its partner. Despite such tensions in living together, the Rat and the Snake can become good friends.

Snake man combined in itself all the virtues of the stronger sex. He is intelligent, witty, interesting in communication, attractive in appearance, and striking outright with his charisma and sexuality. Nor can the Rat stand up to him, which will immediately separate the Serpent from the crowd. This lady may well be interested in the Snake. By nature, the Rat is charming and never complained about the lack of communication with men. At first glance, the Rat is smiling and good-natured, although in reality it is cold and indifferent to those around him. But the Rat in love is the absolute opposite. She plunges into feelings, surrendering herself to her lover. The Woman-Rat and the Man-Snake immediately notice each other, but this union is unlikely to be happy.

Marriage with the Snake is not an easy test, so the Rat woman, tied to her partner, unwittingly, becomes a hostage to her feelings. With skillful ability to get along with people, Snake Man is not able to be a good leader, rather, he will make an excellent dictator. He will constantly find fault with his partner and accuse her of treason and other mistakes, which will lead to conflicts. He will also try to lock his chosen one to the castle, which can be very detrimental to her. Rat is best suited calm, balanced and confident partner.

In the field of finance there will also be no frets. Both signs can easily achieve position and financial well-being using other people. A Snake man can achieve a sufficiently high material wealth, which will raise him in the eyes of his wife as a leader, and family support, but his thirst for hoarding and stinginess will prevent the Rat to realize his needs for luxury. A stumbling block can also be related to the family. With all their hearts, the Rat loving its children will stumble upon Snake’s composure, and the men’s trips “to the left” can cause a final break in this union.

The union of two people born in the year of the Rat and the Snake according to the Chinese horoscope is extremely tragic, but still possible, the main thing is that they treat each other’s problems with understanding.

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