Rat and Rat Compatibility Chinese Astrology

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Rat Woman and Rat Man Love CompatibilityRat and Rat Compatibility

The compatibility of the two Rats is quite high. This union may well be strong and long.

Rats will understand each other perfectly, having similar characters, human qualities and life positions, while avoiding rivalry. They will not have to look for mutual understanding on the side; they will resolve all the problems, difficulties and conflicts themselves, without any outside help.
Rats are noisy noisy company. They just have a great time together. Rats are pretty good getters. Their unit of society will never feel need or lack of money. They are able not only to earn, but also to dispose of wisely acquired money. We can say that they spend them even better. The tendency to hoarding, extreme frugality and secrecy accompany Rats for life.

Rats man are occasionally rather grumbling and picky. If a woman argues and contradicts him in these moments, the foundations of their union can be shaken. Rats woman, in turn, are the most bustling of all animals in the Chinese horoscope. They are sprayed, they take up several cases at once, quite often without bringing them to their logical conclusion. A man should help his beloved to determine the primary affairs and insignificant trifles. She will not be able to cope with this task on her own.

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