Rat and Rabbit Compatibility Chinese Astrology

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Rat and Rabbit Compatibility

The Rat woman and Rabbit man union is not built on passion and passionate love, in the first place, their relationship is based on mutual understanding and friendship.

Rat and Rabbit Compatibility Chinese AstrologyThe Rat Woman is an active person who seeks perfection, recognition and an intense social life. Due to the fact that any affairs and concerns for her are a natural life process, she manages to do everything: to solve work issues, communicate with friends, a loved one and perform household duties. The Rat has a huge number of friends, in it the relatives do not like the soul and the children love it. The Rabbit Man, on the contrary, is more calm, shy and stable. Noisy companies are not for him, he prefers a quiet life, measured rest and lack of fuss.
A pair of Rat-Rabbit in the eastern horoscope is considered a long-term and successful alliance. Relations, in the first place, they build on respect, deep sympathy and, of course, support. A spark of passion between them appears instantly, they are interesting and fun, regardless of where they met. The balance and peculiar calmness of the Rabbit helps the Rat to find its balance, in turn, the galloping energetic second half brings the missing share of positive emotions into the life of a man.

As far as these relationships can be successful, so is the tragic. Relationships in a pair of Rat man and Rabbit woman are not quite safe. Such a union will depend entirely on Rabbit, it must be calm, try to always understand and tolerate the suspiciousness of the Rat man. By virtue of his temperament, he will constantly suspect his companion of deceptions, betrayals and various tricks. To save the relationship will have to make a lot of effort, but even if the Rabbit proves its loyalty and will not specifically compromise the Rat, he will still find a problem in which he suspects something wrong. In such a relationship, it is very important for the two to work on the shortcomings of each other and pay attention to detail.

The Rat – Rabbit Union, the compatibility of which according to the Chinese horoscope is ambiguous, can still become a truly happy couple. The most important thing is to learn how to solve conflicts, and not to run away from quarrels and never cheat, always tell the truth. Temperaments and characters of these partners are different, so do not forget about personal pastime: hobbies, hobbies and friends will help relieve tension and solve problems without reproaches and loud words.

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