Rat and Ox Compatibility Chinese Astrology

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Rat and Ox Compatibility

Rat and Ox Compatibility Chinese AstrologyThe compatibility of these marks is close to perfect. The Rat man, always fussy and anxious over trifles, will feel great next to the Ox Woman.

It is she who will bring into his life the necessary calm and confidence. The persistence and diligence of the Ox has a very beneficial effect on the inner world of the Rat. Thanks to this alliance, a man will be able to discover in himself hitherto unknown talents and vocations.
A Ox woman seeks consistency in everything, and especially in relationships, short-term hobbies are not to her taste. A rat will give her what is so necessary – loyalty and devotion throughout her life. And for this woman will be proud and admire him.
To bring discord in family life can some frivolity Rats. If a Ox finds out that her partner is sharing their secret secrets with someone, the reaction can be very tough, even ending the relationship. Such actions are principled Ox do not forgive.

The Rat woman and Ox man – this is a very successful combination of characters, a perfectly formed couple. The Rat woman will always be admired by the insightful mind and financial acumen of the Ox man. She will become a reliable wife in such a marriage, caring, understanding and always tender. While the man will always indulge his beloved woman: to make gifts, to say compliments. He will do everything for the well-being of the family.

The main task of a man is to preserve love and mutual understanding. The passion in this pair will never subside. In such a union, for a man, the family will come first, he will give up all his affairs at the first call of his wife. While the spouse will keep the man from extra expenses in the family. Thus, this combination is very successful in all senses and relationships, and in the end you will get a strong family.

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