Rabbit Chinese Astrology Horoscope for 2020

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Rabbit Chinese Astrology Horoscope for 2020You’re the fourth sign in the Chinese zodiac. As a Rabbit person, you can tell what people are thinking and feeling without them saying a thing. This makes you an excellent giver of advice. You’re compassionate and sensitive, and you carry yourself well in public. But your moods can sway sometimes, and you seem to be lost in another world. You don’t like fighting with people but are good at negotiating and compromising. You can be professionally successful and won’t hide the money away. You like to be comfortable and enjoy life. You take your time figuring out what you want to do, and prefer caution to impulse.

Rabbit Chinese Astrology Horoscope for 2020

As for work, you have a huge workload in 2020, and need to make sure you don’t slack off or you’ll fall behind. Keep a fast pace throughout the year, and you’ll get through all of the work presented to you. It can lead to new opportunities for you, and your finances can improve as a result. Watch for getting some sort of inheritance, real estate, land, or acquiring something of value from someone else. You may spend a lot of time on the go this year, and work yourself to the bone.

As for relationships, you enjoy relaxing at home with your family, and your friends can be of great help to you when you need them. If in a relationship, you need to consider giving your partner what they ask of you. If it’s not that much, don’t fight them so much over it, otherwise it’ll be a constant problem between the two of you. If single, you may find that you stay that way, and not have much luck meeting someone new. Work may be your big focus for the year.

As for your health, you should make sure you don’t get lazy about it and not make it a priority. You may have so much work to do that you don’t feel you have any time to focus on your health, and when you do have spare time, you want to be with family or just relax. Your health is just as important as everything else is.