Rabbit and Snake Compatibility Chinese Astrology

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Rabbit and Snake Compatibility

Rabbit and Snake Compatibility Chinese AstrologyThe combination of Rabbit and Snake characters is not a romantic ideal of the couple. Their compatibility is not so good, but, again, there are no absolutely bad and absolutely good combinations.

Rabbit woman is open to everything new and very curious, loves evenings with family and friends. She is sociable, intelligent, diplomatic. Her family is much higher than work. Snake man is a complex personality, he has rigid principles and life laws. To achieve its location and create a strong family union, you will have to apply a lot of strength and energy. Rabbit woman and Snake man can create a harmonious union, if they work on their love. To understand the value of their life together, the Rabbit and the Snake need to reach a boiling point. After that comes an understanding of the importance of union and family relations, begins a calm, measured and harmonious life. In the affairs of love this couple will have no problems, they are not prone to embarrassment and like to try something new.
Rabbit man and Snake woman will become the most beloved and important in life for each other. Loving Rabbit, will fall into the network of Snakes and will not find a way back. He may like the Snake, because the Rabbit is pleasant, interesting in communication and has a natural charm. His soulfulness will not go unnoticed by the Serpent, and the charisma inherent in the sign of the Rabbit may have a decisive role in the relationship of the couple. This meeting may well be the beginning of a long relationship, in which, unfortunately, things will not be as good and calm as they would like.

According to the Chinese horoscope, the Rabbit – Snake pair will encounter some conflict situations on its way. The Snake wants to completely dominate the partner, but the Rabbit is quite independent and sometimes feels the need for privacy. Rabbit and Snake will unite affection for the hearth and family. The couple can build a very strong family, but this requires patience and understanding.