Rabbit and Rooster Compatibility Chinese Astrology

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Rabbit and Rooster Compatibility

Rabbit and Rooster Compatibility Chinese AstrologyRabbit and Rooster rarely create a strong union and a happy marriage. Of course, success is always possible, there are no rules without exceptions, but the general trend is that compatibility is not very successful.

The Rabbit woman is calm and peaceful, she wants a measured and comfortable life, with a stable material income. Rooster man unbalanced, hot-tempered and aggressive person. These two are completely different people. The main reason for the incompatibility of the signs is the excessive aggressiveness and fury of the Rooster man, which the Rabbit cannot tolerate. A rooster needs a strong woman who can lead him. Rabbit woman is absolutely not suitable for this role. She has a different nature and does not want to send a man, much less participate in the creation and planning of the family budget. In this regard, the woman is likely to leave her partner. It is extremely difficult for these signs to accept each other as they are and change for the sake of a partner.
Rabbit man and Rooster woman just does not like each other. Rabbit likes a calm and measured life. He does not like to think about problems and live in fear or stress. He loves to make purchases, eat deliciously, equip his home and save money. The woman rooster has a hot temper and loves to bully others. She can not calmly respond to the spontaneous remark to her address from the Men – Rabbit, this translates into aggression. The tension in the relationship of these signs makes the Rooster irritable. They are like ice and fire: if a man thinks about the future and wants to set aside money just in case, his companion is ready to spend everything to the last on the thing that she liked. For her, it is quite natural. She loves to be the center of attention, and any other alignment does not suit her.

According to the Chinese horoscope, the Rooster and the Rabbit will not be able to understand each other. They are different people, and that says it all. Most likely, they can not even be friends, not that companions of life.