Rabbit and Rabbit Compatibility Chinese Astrology

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Rabbit and Rabbit Compatibility

Rabbit and Rabbit Compatibility Chinese AstrologyRabbits in the Chinese horoscope are friendly, sociable and open people. They are quick-witted, resourceful and witty.

Also distinguished by prudence, purposefulness, perseverance and intelligence. They are characterized by tact, harmlessness, vulnerability and cardiac sensitivity. Their compatibility is very successful.
If the Rabbit man and Rabbit woman, ie two similar natures, their union may well be perfect. They have common goals, they exist in a single life rhythm and understand each other from half a word. Two Rabbit are very attentive to each other’s feelings, rarely quarrel, a lot and work with great dedication. Their cherished dream is a big house full of children. Favorite pastime for them is a romantic evening meeting in private, when they can chat about absolutely everything, make plans, dream of a bright future.

The pair Rabbit and Rabbit is a classic family with conservative foundations. The wife is busy raising children and home, and the husband is working at work so that his family does not need anything. The Rabbit woman succeeds in everything: even if she continues to work, her home always has cleanliness and delicious food on the table. Rabbit husband is always surrounded by fans, women are drawn to him like a magnet, but if everything is good at home, then he has no need to go for a walk, and he will remain faithful to his spouse all his life. Rabbit is a responsible and caring dad. Sons become copies of their father, who enjoys spending time with them, and daughters in their father do not care for their souls: he is their best friend, ideal and inspirer.

According to the Chinese horoscope, both partners in the family of two Rabbits strive for harmony and peace, so they need to be more careful, listen more often and help each other.