Rabbit and Pig Compatibility Chinese Astrology

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Rabbit and Pig Compatibility

Rabbit and Pig Compatibility Chinese AstrologyRabbit – Pig – a couple with ambiguous compatibility in the Chinese horoscope. In such a union, the way out is compromises. As in any couple, you need to give the relationship enough time.

Pig man and Rabbit woman – the future of this couple depends on the man and how calm and balanced he is. The windiness and emotionality of a Pig man can become unbearable for his rational and practical spouse. The Rabbit is very shy and modest. She prefers to be engaged in women’s concerns, to equip the house and create comfort. Pig man has an optimistic attitude in life, he is purposeful, hardworking and ready to go to the end for the sake of his convictions. There are situations when a Pig man needs support and moral support. With this role his wife Rabbit copes easily and with pleasure. In this alliance, it will become a sight, and he will become a driving center and a generator of ideas. This couple is united by the love of beautiful, exquisite and expensive things. Also, partners are very close in spirit: both are kind, sincere, have similar values ​​and goals. Marriage may well be long and happy, subject to the due effort of both spouses.
Slightly less favorable situation in a pair of Rabbit man Pig woman. The spouse has intelligence, flexibility and cunning. He can be kind and gentle, can be persistent and firm, and in some situations is able to show his considerable strength. He prefers a homely atmosphere, he likes comfort and warmth at home. Woman – Pig is also endowed with intelligence, she has a complex and interesting inner world, she is kind and open, always positive. This woman, however, is very strong, she is a very selfish and wayward personality. If the situation requires decisive action and pressure, the Pig woman will not hesitate. The union of such people requires some refinement and adjustment. The Rabbit man is sometimes too delicate and subtle for the coarse and straight-faced Pig woman. Ideally, the husband masterfully acts on the wife at the right moments, and she, in turn, tries to speak and act less aggressively and hastily. Rabbit man and Pig woman will agree that both do not like contention and scandal. They try not to blow an elephant out of a fly and not to resort to conflicts, preferring to have a calm and peaceful conversation. They have chances for a happy family life, for this they need to solve all the problems together.

According to the Chinese horoscope, Rabbit and Pig suit each other exactly as much as is necessary to start building a happy cell of society. The combination of Pig man and Rabbit woman is slightly more favorable.