Rabbit and Dragon Compatibility Chinese Astrology

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Rabbit and Dragon Compatibility

Rabbit and Dragon Compatibility Chinese AstrologyCompatibility of the pair Dragon – Rabbit is quite successful. Differences in characters will not be the cause of quarrels, but will become prerequisites for symbiosis and cooperation.

They would rather complement each other than conflict. Both the Rabbit man and the Dragon woman strive for a cozy, comfortable home life, wealth and stability, this unites them. Often they focus everyone exclusively on themselves, forgetting about the partner completely. This, of course, should not be allowed. Make every effort to make your children and each other happy. The Dragon wife has a strong character and strong will. Rabbit – her husband should learn from her beloved share of her temperament, at the same time endowing her with a piece of her softness and caress. As in any pair, you should look for each other’s positive features, and not disadvantages. In general, they are well suited to each other.
The Cat Rabbit woman is a homely, sociable and affectionate person who loves to be at home, care for children and housework. She is calm, friendly and peaceful, gives the partner attention and stability. She lives in a measured way, anxiety, vanity and a populous society annoy her, making her nervous and angry. The Dragon man – the opposite person, you will not find him at home during the day with fire. He is always busy with something: meetings, negotiations, important matters. The Dragon man provides the family, his wife and children do not need anything while living in prosperity. Bright, talented, creative, attractive, this man attracts glances, to say “no” to him is simply impossible. The Rabbit woman is certainly subject to this natural Dragon magnetism.

In the pair of Rabbit woman – Dragon man, according to the Chinese horoscope, everything is discussed in advance, they wisely try to avoid petty quarrels in scandals and major conflicts.
This stability may become boring over time, partners will become too obvious and predictable for each other, all differences between them will be exposed. To rehabilitate such a relationship, you need to remember what romance is. Of course, both spouses must remember. However, this applies to any pair.