Pisces Horoscope 2019

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Pisces Horoscope 2019Year of the Pig will bring Pisces a fateful event in the sphere of personal life. In terms of finances, Pisces is expected to grow significantly. Long distance travel is possible. As in 2018, Neptune will pass through the Pisces sign. This will exacerbate the intuition of Pisces, their “sixth sense” and “third eye”. In 2019, there will come an awareness of who is really close and the main person for you, who you need to be with.

In addition, the patron of the Pisces sign – Neptune will help you to influence the surrounding people with your positive energy. People will reach out to you, feeling your mysterious charm, and you can use this influence for good purposes.

2019 promises to be favorable, so do not be afraid to spread your wings.

Breathe fully, dream, boldly achieve your goals. For you there will be no barriers. You will be able to distinguish beautiful dreams in reality from empty and fruitless illusions.

The influence of Jupiter, which from the end of June 2019 will enter the sign of Cancer, will also be beneficial for the astrogram of Pisces. Jupiter is the fifth house for Pisces, and his patronage is bound to have a beneficial effect on your personal life. In family relations there will come complete harmony and mutual understanding, long-term novels in this period should end with a happy ending.

2019 – the year of the Pig will be successful in terms of career and financial growth for Pisces. New plans related to work and business are destined to come true. Nevertheless, your income will not be systematically increased. On the contrary, it will be unstable and unstable. Through the passage of Uranus in Aries, you are waiting for various surprises and surprises. But, fortunately, most of these surprises will be pleasant in all respects. And the money several times will come unexpectedly, like snow on your head, and it’s easy and beautiful. Of the unpleasant surprises, sudden untimely large cash outlays are possible, and quarrels with close people are likely due to money or power. This is evidenced by the conflict between Uranus and Pluto, in the zone of your friendship. It makes sense to clearly distinguish between business and personal relationships.

Next year, Pisces will receive new and excellent opportunities for acquiring new knowledge and experience, as well as personal growth. This will allow you to look at your destiny wider, to see new perspectives in life. So do not be afraid to attend interesting courses, seminars. With Saturn in Scorpio, you have much more growth in learning and self-development. The Year of the Pig patronizes this.

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