Pisces: About Pisces Dates, Astrology and Horoscope

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PiscesAbout Pisces
Pisces Characteristic
Pisces man
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Pisces Compatibility

Zodiac sign Pisces (February 21 – March 20)

Those born under the sign of the zodiac Pisces (February 21 – March 20) have a well-developed flair, they love to work and are extremely conscientious, follow the plan precisely, are prone to daydreaming and are easily impressed. They are guided by idealistic principles, constantly looking for harmony, beauty, tranquility and silence. When they understand that life is not perfect, they are very worried and they are embraced by the feeling of unfulfilled hopes. They love solitude and calm measured reflection. The first place among the people of the Pisces zodiac sign (February 21 – March 20) is occupied by spiritual values, and material benefits are secondary. Also, if there is a choice between the new and the old, they give preference to what they are well aware of – the old proven. Changes and innovations are given to Pisces hard, so they avoid them and take it with great reluctance.

Pisces zodiac sign by periods of birth

Pisces zodiac sign (February 21 – March 1). The greatest impact at birth on these people had Saturn. By their nature, they are capricious, often dream of unrealizable “things”, love change and prefer solitude. Women born in this period are tender and loving.
Numbers that contribute to happiness and luck: 12, 24, 36, 58, 60, 72.

Zodiac Pisces (March 2 – March 11). The greatest impact at birth on these people had Jupiter, who gave them the desire for fame and respect. They are impressionable, honest, arrogant and full of pathos.
Numbers that contribute to happiness and luck: 25, 36, 52, 60, 72, 75.

Zodiac Pisces (March 12 – March 20). The greatest impact at birth on these people had Mars, which affected their behavior, which is devoid of simplicity and naturalness, and claim to originality. They are impressionable, always ready to provide a service, they like to communicate with others and love to have fun in good company.
Numbers that contribute to happiness and luck: 12, 15, 24, 30, 36, 45, 48, 60, 72.

Pisces Characteristic

The Pisces zodiac sign is the last twelfth symbol in the zodiacal sequence which incorporates a part of the features of the preceding signs.

Zodiac Pisces is difficult to comprehend or characterize. People of the zodiac sign Pisces have the ability to recognize the essence of man, even in difficult situations they do not lose exposure, they are endowed with unique knowledge of human nature, the secrets of which sometimes happen to be stored. People of the zodiac sign Pisces have a large stock of knowledge, because of which they place high demands on others, appear to be romantic dreamers, keenly perceive any offense and injustice, sometimes fearful and worried. Pisces often attach great importance to the spiritual essence of the world. To perfect their own natures, they are inclined to solitude, they believe in the inexplicable and mysterious, they have an extensive awareness of existence. People of the zodiac sign Pisces prefer to speculate, rather than commit acts, are prone to frequent mood changes and often fall into an oppressed and depressed state of mind.

Zodiac Pisces have a deep intelligence and kindness, for which they gain universal respect and love. It is extremely necessary for them to overcome their own indecision and hesitation, to realize that they must first rely on themselves.

In most cases, Pisces see the essence of any person, but they do not see their own. They may be constantly searching for themselves. At the same time, they are looking blindly and abandoning their intentions, not knowing how to comprehend what they have found.

This zodiac is ruled and controlled by a secret and invisible facet of life. Pisces is not easy to stop, in any situation there is a truth for them. Some are born tired, they lack the strength to overcome difficulties and trivial troubles. Others, in contrast to the first, have an active kind. These people are able to be active for a long time, during which most of them bring themselves to exhaustion, undertaking a large number of cases, ideas, ideas that are not fully completed, delaying their implementation the next day – this is a viable variety of Pisces, entirely devoted to the occupation, idea feeling They force themselves more persuasion, transactions, and not coercion.

Usually, in order for people of this zodiac to feel themselves expected and necessary, it is necessary to express their desire to see or offer food at least several times before they realize that it is possible and true they are desired. Probably, the people of the zodiac sign Pisces are the most faithful and prone to affection towards people of other zodiac constellations.

Pisces show interest in everything and this interest is special. For this zodiac, there is nothing worthy of attention, however, there is probably no such deeply gifted individual as educated people of the sign of Pisces. Such personalities are not common, because self-improvement requires diligence and desire to fulfill the goal set before them. They are faced with a choice between the evil and the outstanding, the religious abode and the casemate, a fair bargain and brutal murder, humanity to human misery and self-pity.

Pisces man

A Pisces man is able to achieve something as life, and not achieve anything, and the achievements are due to the degree of his steadfastness and foresight. Men Pisces cannot be described as helpless people. Sometimes, part of the men of this zodiac sign has been building castles in the air for a very long time, as a result of which they lose sight of the good opportunities to succeed in any activity.

Let’s talk about the Men Pisces capable not only to reflect, but also to do. This kind of Pisces men is a good achievement for every lady. Often he works both on weekdays and on weekends or, coming from the service, starts a conversation on the topic of the global crisis. This feature of the character of Men Pisces cannot be called a great flaw in human nature, because, regardless of its imperfection, it will help you become known, endow you with luxury, and probably all at once. The Pisces man is completely non-faithful, able to maintain the point of view of everyone, even a stranger, from him you will hear neither criticism nor disapproval.

Men Pisces inspire confidence, as a result, often friends share secrets, including extremely depressing and stunning. Pisces firmly protects other people’s secrets, especially if it was agreed. However, among the people of this zodiac sign, there are also trepaches, although in most cases, Men Pisces are relatively taciturn, they talk slowly and thoroughly think over each phrase. They calmly and attentively listen to everyone, as a result of which they are often approached for advice and assistance in resolving the difficulties that have arisen.

The Pisces man is so responsive to the problems of people around him, that you, at least from ordinary sympathy, need to protect him from annoying friends and people around him. Man Pisces is extremely easy to insult. Perhaps this is one of the most inattentive and unorganized signs of the zodiac.

Having the ability to understand the inner human essence, Pisces do not often make mistakes regarding the real intentions of a person, as a result of which it is extremely difficult to fool them. At the same time, the men of Pisces adore to lie, but this lie is absolutely harmless. Why and why they cheat and remains a mystery to them. Perhaps a man of this zodiac sign is pleased to have his own little secrets, the presence of which makes him less doubt and hesitate.

Men of Pisces are not inclined to doubt their loyalty to their beloved, but if it does happen, it will not be possible to guess this – they are well able to hide their feelings. If you are jealous, then all feelings of doubt and feelings you need to keep away from the eyes, and if by nature you are one-person, you should not create a family with a man of the Pisces sign.

Pisces man for his offspring is a real find. With them, he will play in fairy characters, and show techniques for performing various acrobatic stunts, and teach how to determine the future by the palm of your hand, and much more. Be sure that such a wonderful and incomparable parent among the other signs of the zodiac can not be found.

Be sensitive to the hopes of your chosen one, do not trample and do not force to abandon them. For such a man, the zodiac sign of Pisces will never forgive you, and will always remember that. Make every effort to contribute to the realization of all his hopes in life.

Pisces woman

Like all people, the Pisces Woman is imperfect, but upon seeing her, the men understand to what degree she is charming and attractive and that perhaps this is the most expected flawless favorite that they have dreamed of all their lives. It is no wonder, because the Woman of Pisces will under no circumstances strive to exceed the lover or in any way offend his vanity. With great joy, the Pisces-Wife will enable her husband to help herself get dressed, with bliss will sit down on the proposed chair and, without interrupting, will hear what he would not say. In return, the Pisces Woman expects a display of care and that the beloved does not give her any offense. With a woman Pisces comfortable, serene and good, as if in Eden.

A Pisces woman is gentle, graceful, mild and sweet to the extent that no one can resist her charm. A conversation with a woman of the Pisces sign allows the man to calm down, shake off the difficult burden of hardship and trouble, and it seems to you that you are near a pleasant heat-spreading fire in dank weather.

Sometimes the Woman of Pisces can seem to be a creature from another world that is extremely difficult to withstand the difficulties of our being. Warmth in relationships, naivety, inability to support problems without external support are those traits that she loves to show people around.

The internal state of the woman Pisces is extremely changeable. She is very sensitive and tends to shed tears all day long, looking at you with great reproach, as if you had destroyed the life of the little animals in front of her eyes. The woman of the zodiac sign Pisces loves to show herself helpless and for this reason often plunges into a depressed and depressed mental state. A man needs to force her to change her erroneous conviction and tell how one can overcome hesitations and indecision.

Mother Pisces gives sons and daughters all the love without a trace, except for a small part given to a spouse. Moreover, she feeds especially tender feelings towards the most helpless, unhealthy and less attractive child. In the interests of her offspring, a Pisces woman can give all that she has for free. However, remaining in the nature of a weak and pliant, Mother Pisces is not able to raise children strong, inflexible and able to obey the established rules and norms of behavior.

The woman making the sign of the zodiac of Pisces will gladly give back to her spouse, trying not to have any relationship with money matters. However, in the case of an unimportant monetary situation, she (admittedly, without any particular desire) will try to help cope with a difficult situation by moderating her own requests, but it does not follow from this that she will get settled and go to work.

Never forget the date of her birthday, the date of your marriage and other significant events, otherwise the woman of Pisces will be greatly offended.

Pisces Compatibility

Compatibility zodiac signs Pisces and Aries. These zodiacs are extremely dissimilar in nature, but they are quite capable of forming a strong, beautiful, and ardent union. But for this, Pisces and Aries should pay more attention to each other and always make mutual concessions.

Compatibility zodiac signs Pisces and Taurus. Perhaps Pisces and Taurus will never feel a great passion for each other, but the fact that their relationship will be filled with warmth, affection and care so it is for sure. The relationship of Pisces with Taurus is full of happiness and magic, it is extremely difficult to refuse such a relationship. Complications can arise only in the case when some 3rd force can seduce one of these zodiacs.

Compatibility zodiac signs Pisces and Gemini. Hot and temperamental couple, often exposing the people of the zodiacs of Pisces and Gemini to heavy heartache feelings, this mainly refers to the Pisces with increased susceptibility.

Compatibility zodiac signs Pisces and Cancer. So many passionate feelings can only be in the relationship between Pisces and Cancer, perhaps this is the most sensitive pair of all signs of the zodiac. They have a good understanding, similar amorous games. The most important thing for Pisces and Cancer is to be sincere and trust each other, then the relationship between them will be long lasting and will be filled with happiness.

Compatibility zodiac signs Pisces and Leo. Charming, enchanting eyes and smiles of Pisces, tender kisses – how suddenly love burst into the world of Leo, in which the strong want to “eat” the weak. Communication with Leo is detrimental to Pisces. After Leo helps the Pisces to realize in which ruthless and rude world they live, the latter will perish, since this is not its habitat and the Pisces is not created for it.

Compatibility zodiac signs Pisces and Virgo. The union is based on mutual to each other extremely different in character zodiac signs. Virgo is under the irresistible impression of the sympathetic and attentive Pisces, which in its turn has a need for Virgo’s instructions, and the sexuality of the people of the zodiac sign Pisces is able to make a little love coup in the spiritual world of Virgo.

Compatibility zodiac signs Pisces and Libra. A Pisces that is too impressionable in its nature complicates the relationship between these zodiacs and the breaking of a relationship is only a matter of time. The end of a relationship often leads to serious and serious consequences, as a result of which Libra will not be damaged by excessive diligence.

Compatibility zodiac signs Pisces and Scorpio. For Scorpio, an alliance with Pisces is perhaps one of the most sensual and sexual. The Pisces will make a lot of efforts so that the whims, cravings and desires of the partner are associated only with her, which allows you to count on a considerable duration of the relationship between these zodiac signs.

Compatibility zodiac signs Pisces and Sagittarius. The charm and warmth emanated by people born under the zodiac of Pisces attracts the indomitable Sagittarius, who, possessing an unrestrained nature, draws to his Pisces, eager to hide behind him from difficulties and misfortunes. However, when hard times come, Pisces and Sagittarius cannot fully understand each other and find a solution to an urgent problem, so as not to destroy the harmony of relationships.

Compatibility zodiac signs Pisces and Capricorn. A good union, but only if Pisces can accept the frequent absence of Capricorn and learn not to let his inaccuracy manifest in monetary matters. Otherwise, the future of the Pisces and Capricorn union is rather cloudless and light.

Compatibility zodiac signs Pisces and Aquarius. Not quite a suitable union for the Pisces possessing the sensual nature and Aquarius who is always immersed in solving personal issues After some time, Pisces and Aquarius’s misunderstanding of each other will be the main cause of quarrels, disputes and disagreements.

Compatibility zodiac signs Pisces and Pisces. Both partners have a heightened emotionality, which has a positive effect on sexuality and in the field of heart feelings, but this couple is poorly adapted to everyday life, and often without external assistance often ceases to exist.

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