Pisces 2020 Horoscope Overview

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Pisces 2020 Love Horoscope

PiscesPisces 2020 Horoscope Overview, Jupiter remains in your love sector until July 16th, and you want to feel the love in your life. You see love all around you, and you try to bring more love into your life. For those of you in a relationship, you can be more romantic, ignite sparks, and try to make it feel like it did when you first got together. For those of you that are single, you have an easier time falling in love, or at least the idea of it.

Mars spends the first half of the year in your sector of passion and intimacy, and you want more intimacy in your life. You want to feel as close as possible to the people you care about, and can dig deep within them. Your sex drive can increase as well. Mars will retrograde (appear to move backward) in this sector March 1st through May 19th, and you can struggle to have the intimacy you want, fight with those you’re close to, be sexually frustrated, or push those close to you too much and act too dominating.

Mercury also retrogrades in this sector later in the year, October 10th – 25th, and you want to be close to others but feel distant and alone, or can’t communicate your needs. Mercury also retrogrades in your love sector in 2020, June 7th – 17th, and you have misunderstandings with loved ones, walk away from a loved one, or see the return of an old flame.

Pisces 2020 Career Horoscope

Uranus remains in your money sector all year, and you continue to experience ups and downs with your finances. Everything can be going well, and then not, and then well, and then not. This is good for making money in spurts by working freelance or on commission, or for working with technology or inventions.

Jupiter enters your work sector on July 16th, and you can see positive developments happen at work or with your work. You can take on more work and enjoy the work you do. You don’t need other people to notice, and derive pleasure out of knowing what you’ve done.

Saturn will enter your career sector on December 23rd (so 2021 might be a big career year), and you can be rewarded for all of the hard work you’ve put in, smart choices you’ve made, and sacrifices you’ve had to endure. If you haven’t been doing things well, you’ll experience problems in your career and with your life path. Mars is in your career sector September 13th through October 26th, and you’ll be driven to succeed. Your ambition rises, your focus is solely on achieving your goals, and you work hard and smart for what you want.

Pisces 2020 General Horoscope

Neptune, your ruler, remains in your sign all year, Pisces. You can feel at home with yourself, albeit more dreamy and out of touch with reality. Those of you born February 21st – 27th will experience the conjunction to your Sun by Neptune this year, when a planet is in the same position as your planet. Your dreams are heightened, and you can get lost in fantasy. Your intuition is strong, and you pick up on the subtle frequencies of the universe. You’re more sensitive, emotionally and physically, and need to guard yourself more. You can be more vulnerable to attack, and have a hard time defending yourself. You’re not the best judge of character this year, and others will see you as they want to see you. Those of you born February 25th – 27th will be most impacted by the turn retrograde on June 9th, and those of you born February 22nd – 24th will be most impacted by the turn direct on November 16th.

Mercury will retrograde in Pisces February 6th – 16th, and you can feel really off, like every little thing is going wrong, and you have a hard time getting things to work out the way that you want them to. This is a good time to get a second chance at something, and do work and projects over again. Those of you born February 21st – 23rd will be impacted most by the turn retrograde on February 6th.

Pisces 2020 Month-by-Month Mini Horoscopes

January 2020

You’re quiet this month. You have a lot on your mind, and you need time to yourself to sort through it all. You don’t feel like involving anyone else, preferring to find a solution on your own. With some time and some silence, you’ll figure out exactly what you should do and move on.

May 2020

Anything new and exciting just doesn’t appeal to you very much. You want to be with the people you know best and in the places that you’re most comfortable. You’re starting to feel better, and you don’t want to rock the boat. Keep it slow and steady for now.

September 2020

Your focus is excellent in September. You can dig into any subject or circumstance, you see things realistically, and you’re practical. You see your goals clearly, and you come up with plans to achieve them that are realistic and attainable, allowing you to achieve more.

February 2020

The first half of February is a chore, a pain, full of frustration, and while things improve in the second half, you still have some difficulty with the past coming back to bite you. All of this stress might take a physical toll on you mid-month, so make sure you’re taking care of your body.

June 2020

You’re feeling uncomfortable for some reason, with a certain person or situation, or in your own skin. Something is triggering you emotionally and making you feel uncertain. Face whatever it is, deal with it, and you’ll begin to feel comfortable again and let go of this emotional mess.

October 2020

When other people whisper things about you behind your back, you’re tempted to listen and take what they say to heart. You need to let them talk and ignore when they say. It says more about them for being so heartless than it does about you.

March 2020

You feel like you can breathe again, and the air is sweet but something sour quickly follows. It’s something deep within you, something hard to define, but you feel it in your soul. You need to look deep inside of yourself and try to see what’s lurking there.

July 2020

You know what you need to do, and you’re willing to put in the work. You see things more clearly now, clearer than you have in a long time, and you can sift through your hazy mind and get organized. Make the most of this energy this month and get done as much as you can.

November 2020

You’re dedicated to a particular goal in November, and nothing else seems to matter. You can push everything else aside so you have the time and focus that you need. Just make sure you’re not pushing everyone else aside and inadvertently hurting someone you care about.

April 2020

You’re reaching for the sweetest desserts before dinner is over, you’re drinking the finest wines in the restaurant, and you’re sitting back, relaxing, resting. You’re indulgent, sensual, and want to enjoy yourself. You don’t feel the need to strain yourself if you don’t have to.

August 2020

When you’re with someone else, you feel like you can do anything in August. You have more confidence, you can think more clearly, and you come up with new ideas. Be open to other people because they might have a new opportunity for you. Give it real thought and see if it’s a good option for you.

December 2020

You can look toward your future and imagine what you want it to be like. The coming new year is likely triggering this, and you wonder what the next year will bring. Reflect over this last year and what has happened, and look forward to what’s coming.