Ox Chinese Astrology Horoscope for 2020

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Ox 2020 Chinese HoroscopeYou’re the second sign in the Chinese zodiac. As an Ox person, you work hard for what you want, you don’t rush things, stay on your path, and slowly achieve what you set out to do. Over time, that adds up. You crave a stable life and like structure, order, and routine. You can seem very calm until you feel overwhelmed or extremely agitated. Then you lose your cool. You need to work on expressing your emotions with others to avoid that. For the most part, you’re loyal, responsible, dependable, and you can think of others before yourself.

Ox Chinese Astrology Horoscope for 2020

As for work, you can put in a lot of hours in 2020. Your main focus will likely be your work, and you can make some progress with it. Some of you can make changes in you career, and this would be a good year for it. Opportunities are everywhere, and it’s up to you to grab them. Just watch for indecision, and try not to do anything if you feel confused and unsure of yourself. Financially, you can have a good year if you don’t make any unwise decisions, and don’t take any risks that you shouldn’t. You’re rewarded with hard, smart work, not impulsive, unwise risks.

As for relationships, you’ll need to make an effort with your loved ones, and put in some quality time with your partner and family. They may try your patience, but you can have some great times with them if you give them a chance. If single, this can be a good year to meet someone special, but you need to show you’re committed to them once you do. Avoid someone who is afraid to commit to you, and don’t let your jealous side get in the way of the relationship.

As for your health, you should maintain a healthy lifestyle with regular exercise and a healthy diet, with special attention to your diet. You may experience a lot of stomach issues throughout the year if you’re not careful with what you eat or avoid being responsible with your health. You’ll need to take some time away from everything and relax from time to time in 2020.