Ox and Tiger Compatibility Chinese Astrology

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Ox and Tiger Compatibility

Ox and Tiger Compatibility Chinese AstrologyA pair of Ox – Tiger in the eastern horoscope can build relationships only if they really try. Their compatibility is not very high.
First of all, they need to be more loyal, and also not so hard-nosed and rude. The main problem – the overly persistent Ox and the strong-willed Tiger will constantly prove that it is he who is the most important in the family.
The Ox woman and the Tiger man should try to temper their ardor, first of all it concerns the woman. A successful union is possible only if the spouse allows a man to steer. The Tiger is not accustomed to be on the sidelines, he is always right and will never want and will not be able to step over his principles. Change his habits, and submit to the persistent Ox, he will never be able to, therefore, a woman must try to make concessions in time, otherwise as a result Tiger will leave, even if she loves.

Throughout all relations, the Tiger man will constantly push her lady to take active actions, make her make important decisions, which, in fact, is required by the Ox. Only an intelligent woman will be able to maintain such a union, she must always take into account the opinion of her spouse and try not to solve any issues without him.

In general, the Ox man and the Tiger woman are, first of all, two restless and bright characters. By nature they are both purposeful and strong, however, if the Tiger in this tandem is more frivolous, the Ox will, on the contrary, become very serious, thanks to which they will complement each other. The disadvantage of this union is that the Man will do everything for the relationship, try to provide a good foundation for his family, and the Tiger, by its very nature, will not take everything properly, although it will help in solving minor issues.

The union of the Ox – Tiger in the Chinese horoscope can still try to create a strong pair. To do this, they need to learn to compromise, try to treat with understanding the shortcomings of their partner and his habits. Family comfort and stable financial income in this family is guaranteed, the only problem is stubbornness. Tiger at any time will help the Ox with the work, and he also will not refuse to perform household duties. In any case, even if nothing good happens, they will still remain good and faithful friends, because some similarities in the characters will always help them find common topics for conversation.