Ox and Rabbit Compatibility Chinese Astrology

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Ox and Rabbit Compatibility

Ox and Rabbit Compatibility Chinese AstrologyA pair of the Ox – Rabbit in the eastern horoscope is quite a safe and successful union, the compatibility of these two is very high.

Their relationship will be built gradually taking into account the peculiarities of each other’s characters, perhaps that is why they are expected to have a happy future.
The Ox woman and the Rabbit man will converge instantly, almost the same life positions, a kind of seriousness and the intention to achieve the goal they set will unite them. The Rabbit will very quickly win the heart of an impregnable woman, making small surprises, paying attention to trifles, he will conquer her for life. Small quarrels may arise from the fact that, whatever one may say, Rabbit is very charming and the ladies always pay attention to him, however, he is not at all dissatisfied with these circumstances. This state of things does not like the Ox at all, it is demanding and wants its companion to be only with her. Doubts and some suspicions will constantly provoke conflicts, but he, through his tactfulness and diplomacy, will be able to calm his beloved. The Ox will be happy to believe that Rabbit really does not suspect anything, because for her family is a fortress and a reliable rear. If she is not sure of her partner, they will have to part.

The Ox man and Rabbit woman relationships will be full of tenderness. The spouse is always ready to help and support her beloved, will become for him a friend and partner. She with pleasure will take the leadership of her faithful, will try not to contradict him and once again not to make trouble. Though the Ox thinks that the spouse is a bit frivolous, and sometimes too calm, he will not be annoyed by this, and vice versa, he will appreciate these qualities, because the Rabbit will do everything so that his lover is always comfortable and after work he can relax. A woman will in some way relieve the Ox emotional stress, and it will be easier for him to solve serious issues. Any quarrel and misunderstanding will be resolved without problems, thanks to the diplomacy of the woman, she will keep silent in time, and if necessary she will bring arguments that a man cannot challenge. The Ox will be grateful to his beloved for her tact, will always understand his spouse and will never forget to remind Rabbit Woman, that she is the best and most beloved.

According to the Chinese horoscope, a Ox and a rabbit will be able to live a long and, most importantly, happy life together. They will be faithful and never betray each other.