Ox and Pig Compatibility Chinese Astrology

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Ox and Pig Compatibility

Ox and Pig Compatibility Chinese AstrologyA pair of Ox – Pig in the eastern horoscope may be quite successful, but they face difficulties. Compatibility is likely.

A pig is by nature a wasteful sign, while a Ox lives in a certain rigid framework. A pig will not be able to tolerate the economical Ox, and this will lead to unpleasant skirmishes.
In the case when the Ox came together – the woman and the Pig – the Man, the man should prepare for tight control, moral instructions and in rare situations will have to endure unexpected outbursts of anger. Usually, men under the sign of Pig are afraid, and even women are afraid of this sign, but, strangely enough, this desire for such beautiful ladies only becomes stronger.

A woman, in turn, should always be ready for frivolous actions on the part of a partner. Such actions greatly irritate the Ox, and lead to attempts to remake the Pig, resorting to methods of tyranny.

In case of misunderstanding and constant pressure, the Pig man will run away from such a woman as soon as the opportunity arises, so you need to accept the partner’s habits and accept him as he is. These signs will be frank with each other. This will mitigate their conflicts, and quickly nullify them.

Ox man and Pig woman will be a passionate couple. They will not miss the opportunity to kiss or hug each other as soon as the right moment turns up. When they are two, everything else is unimportant, time just stops for them, they completely dissolve in their feelings. Tensions in relationships can occur when a man works hard and a woman leads an idle lifestyle. This will unnerve the Ox. He is conservative and does not like noisy festivities, while Pig prefers to explode to the fullest, gathering all his friends and girlfriends, rolling up parties until the morning. This can be a stumbling block for the couple, but you have to give in to each other and make compromises.

The Ox and the Pig according to the Chinese horoscope are quite a promising couple in business. Man – The Ox will completely surrender to work and progress, while the woman will appear to be active. The Ox will be a pillar of stability and tranquility for a woman, because the Pig is naive by nature and does not see the negative sides of a person. The Ox will help the Woman – Pig to communicate with people. About this union, we can say that their feelings are mutual and strong – true pure love.