Ox and Ox Compatibility Chinese Astrology

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Ox and Ox Compatibility

Ox and Ox Compatibility Chinese AstrologyOx are materialists in life and conservative by nature. They may well become true friends and good friends. Their communication is carefree and easy.

Similar attitudes and common interests quickly bring two Ox together. Small domestic problems can not destroy their union. The only possible problem of this relationship may be monotony and boredom. Romance is also usually alien to these slow-moving giants. Their conservatism at times plunges even the most inactive people, even the Ox, into dismay.
These animals of the Chinese horoscope do not belong to activists, so their joint pastime can become monotonous, which can get annoying to both partners over time. They need a shake from time to time, the so-called “whip”, without which it is difficult for them to move in the right direction. Ox sometimes look for such a “stick” on the side, thereby bringing discord into their relations.

The extraordinary stubbornness inherent in both women and men of this sign, often gives rise to conflicts that can bring discord in relationships or completely destroy them a couple. Ox woman are much more stubborn than their Ox men, and it is on their initiative that most conflicts arise in such a family.

In general, the compatibility of two Ox is rather successful. The similarity of interests, temperaments, life positions will help find a common language, and this is already a lot.