Ox and Monkey Compatibility Chinese Astrology

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Ox and Monkey Compatibility

Ox and Monkey Compatibility Chinese AstrologyCouple Ox – Monkey on the eastern horoscope can be a good union, but for this you have to work a lot on relationships. Compatibility is not cloudless.

The Ox woman and the Monkey man have a very difficult character, it’s not common for two of them to make concessions, but if they want to keep the relationship, it will still have to be done. The Ox is very straightforward in nature and always strives for leadership, so he will strive to crush the Monkey. Here everything will depend entirely on the man, he can make concessions to the Ox and give him the opportunity to become chief in their pair, or he will leave, since he cannot bear the pressure from his companion. Most often, the Monkey agrees with the leadership of his beloved only when he needs something and is ready to make some concessions to achieve his goal. The Ox, like any woman, will be seduced by such an act and will not immediately be able to notice the catch.
Despite all the shortcomings of this union, these two signs are strongly drawn to each other, they are comfortable together. Due to the fact that both of them do not believe in loud phrases about love and are realists by their very nature, they do not need to constantly talk about their feelings. Such relationships are rarely long-lived, but if these signs succeed in finding a common language, they will be able to create a strong family.

Ox man and Monkey woman can become a very “fun” couple, because each of them has an exceptional sense of humor. They will try to solve any problem or conflict without serious insults and shouts, even, on the contrary, they will look for positive moments in everything. Relationships can end because of Monkey’s love for flirting. The Ox will not tolerate outsiders in their lives, and the more treason. Any hint of possible betrayal could be a reason for breaking off relations. However, even though a man will be extremely categorical to some of the habits of his beloved, he will try with all his might to preserve their love.

This alliance has a huge number of advantages and disadvantages, the success of such a relationship depends entirely on Monkey restraint and the understanding of the Ox.

According to the Chinese horoscope, a Ox and a Monkey have more or less positive compatibility. They themselves are the builders of the future of their relationship. Everything depends on the degree of desire to preserve their union, and special efforts are not needed from them, but only relate with understanding to their other half. Also, they should not be guided by generally accepted standards: what is suitable for other married couples will not always be useful for them.