Ox and Horse Compatibility Chinese Astrology

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Ox and Horse Compatibility

Ox and Horse Compatibility Chinese AstrologyRelationships are not always obtained as desired. According to the eastern horoscope, the Ox – Horse couple belong to such unions, their compatibility is rather complicated.

Successful family life is unlikely in this tandem, most often they do not understand each other and regularly scandal. A Horse is very active by its nature, sociable and graceful, it will not be able to come to terms with the slowness and excessive stability of its companion.
The Ox woman and the Horse man very rarely find a common language, most often because of their pride they don’t even have a chance to make peace after a serious scandal. A woman will try to constantly dominate her companion, and he, in turn, will not be able to put up with it, which is why they will have regular conflicts. These signs have not only a different character, but also a rhythm of life, so these relationships will not be a joy, but a burden. The Horse will always strive forward, prance through life and try to do everything, while the Ox will not have time, and will not think that it is necessary, because she is a woman, and should take care of her.

Relationships in a pair of Ox man and Horse woman will not be much more successful. If in the end they get married, the family will still be fully supported by the Ox. For a successful marriage, it should first of all be easier to treat the shortcomings of the Horse and its desire to be in time for everything. She is always looking for adventure, and the Homebird should learn to perceive her desire to relax in a noisy company. Basically, such a pair is more suitable for business relations, because then they will harmoniously complement each other. Their joint business will become successful and will bring only pleasant fruits.

According to the Chinese horoscope, a Ox and a Horse can still try to preserve their union, because you can correct whatever you wish. If this couple wants to establish a good relationship, then they will have to work on their shortcomings for a very long time. The main difficulty is that what, for example, the Horse will be considered a disadvantage, may actually be a small habit, which in its essence will be very nice, just this sign, by virtue of its peculiar frivolity, will not have time to see anything interesting. Although such a union will live like a cat with a mouse, they can make excellent friends, they will support each other and not forget to meet a couple of times a week to discuss their problems.