Ox and Goat (Sheep) Compatibility Chinese Astrology

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Ox and Goat (Sheep) Compatibility

Ox and Goat Compatibility Chinese AstrologyA pair of a Ox and a Goat (Sheep) in the eastern horoscope are not a role model. Compatibility is questionable.

Their union most often turns out to be unhappy, and to be together, most likely they will fail.
Ox woman and Goat (Sheep) man will constantly swear, and sort things out. The constant dissatisfaction of the Goat (Sheep), its whims and frequent unreasonable offenses are very annoying to the Ox, because it is by its very nature a completely different person. More often than not, the Ox woman gets tired of this relationship and breaks it. A man will demand constant praise and admiration from his second half, and she, because of her restraint and emotional coldness, cannot give him what he asks, besides the constant “nagging” of the Goat (Sheep) will annoy the Ox. In retaliation for the lack of attention, the man will become offended and take revenge; it is quite possible that he will even begin to seek solace on the side. But not only this problem. The Ox will strive to fulfill all his desires, and the Goat (Sheep) will not be able to provide adequate support in her endeavors, because of this, the woman will not only lose her desire to work on new projects, but also lose confidence in herself.

A pair of Ox man and  Goat (Sheep) woman more successful. In this pair, everything will develop harmoniously. The Goat (Sheep) is creative in nature and therefore, equipping their joint family nest, will do everything to ensure that her man was comfortable and convenient. A man will be pleased with their union and after work with pleasure will spend time with his soulmate, and not with friends. They will not have problems in communication, there will always be common topics, moreover, when discussing some problems, opinions will coincide.

A man will become a real support for his lady, and the Goat Sheep will enjoy the protection of his beloved. He, feeling that his companion needs him, will protect and take care of her. If the Goat (Sheep) woman fully devotes herself to marriage, their relationship will be truly strong. He will bring money to the family, and she will take care of the children and his happiness.

According to the Chinese horoscope, a Ox and a Goat (Sheep) can still be together. First of all, they need to get used to, and do not pay attention to the shortcomings of their second half and come to terms with some features of character.