Ox and Dragon Compatibility Chinese Astrology

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Ox and Dragon Compatibility

Ox and Dragon Compatibility Chinese AstrologyThe compatibility of the Ox – Dragon couple in the eastern horoscope is very low; this tandem will never become a long and strong union.

Their romance may be a short-term passion, filled with passion and love, but not the long-term relationship of two loving hearts.
Ox woman and Dragon man will never be able to understand and truly appreciate each other. Different characters and attitudes will lead to a final break. The first impression will be deceptive. The landed and to some extent stable Ox will attract spontaneity, charisma and thirst for the adventures of the Dragon, because this is what she lacked, a storm of emotions is all that is necessary for a woman to successfully start a relationship. However, over time, when the passion subsides, the Ox will begin to look closely at his partner, his character and habits, and having studied him, he will not be able to understand his life and, most importantly, accept such a man.

There are moments when the Dragon is tired of constant fun and lack of stability, it is during this period that their union will be perfect. They will understand each other instantly, and the Ox Woman will provide peace and comfort of which her companion dreams. Unfortunately, this happens very rarely, most often the desire to settle down passes quickly and it returns to its ordinary life than causes extreme dissatisfaction with the Ox.

Couple Ox man and Dragon woman is considered no less tragic. Their relationships are complex, quarrels often occur, and any trifle can be a source of conflict. Because of the hot-tempered nature of the Ox and the Dragon, insults and shouts will be regular guests of this family. However, everything can be corrected and adjusted in this pair too. The passion that wakes up inside the Dragon during the conflict really pleases the Ox. Most importantly, in this situation, the woman should not be so rude and choose expressions. If you do everything right and do not insult the Ox, he will even like the new emotions that he will experience during the conflict.

According to the Chinese horoscope, the Ox – Dragon does not get along very well, it will be hard for them to find a common language and build strong relations. If they do not forget their due respect and try to maintain stability, a happy union is possible. Also, this pair is desirable to regularly relax separately, in order to have time to get bored and remember the tender feelings that feel to a loved one. During their intercourse, they may come together more than once and break up, but most likely nothing serious will work out.