Ox and Dog Compatibility Chinese Astrology

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Ox and Dog Compatibility

Ox and Dog Compatibility Chinese AstrologyA pair of Ox – Dog in the eastern horoscope is considered a very promising union. Compatibility is quite positive.

A restless and active Dog. The regularity and stability of the Ox will only benefit. In this relationship, each of them will find what was missing.
Ox woman and Dog man are ideal contenders for creating a long and happy tandem. The Dog in the home will give the Ox without any extra questions, which in turn will only be happy about this state of affairs, especially since, having studied the character of his beloved, the Dog will know that any power struggle in their pair can lead to a break. The only thing that a man may not approve is an unexpected outbreak from the Ox. A woman should not try the patience of her spouse, although the Dog is ready to make many concessions, you do not need to anger him. As much as he is kind, he can get angry. In this relationship, a woman should show wisdom and know when it is better to speak, and when it is worth keeping silent.

The Ox man and Dog woman Union can be exemplary for other couples. They are not only ideal lovers, but they can work together, which will bring only positive results. The only thing that can destroy this relationship is treason or unfounded jealousy on the part of the Dog. In fact, the Ox is not prone to betrayal, so such a plan suspicions will annoy him, and he will conflict all the time if the woman does not believe him.

Ox man likes to deal with financial issues. Working on heavy and, most importantly, profitable projects, he enjoys every deal. He is very serious and loves stability in business, so he will be able to stop the Dog in time and control it, because she has repeatedly been noticed in excessive waste. The Ox will help his wife to figure out the money, advise where better to save, and how much money you can give to charity. The Dog will be very grateful to his beloved for such care, and he will be glad that he took part in her life.

In general, the Ox and the Dog according to the Chinese horoscope will live a long life together. The Ox will be lenient to the whims of the Dog, and she will be loyal to the heavy temper of her second half. In business, they also will not be equal, they will become wonderful partners who understand each other from half a word.