October 4: Birthday Horoscope Personality

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October 4 – Zodiac Sign

If you were born on October 4, your zodiac sign is Libra.


The ruling planet on this day – Uranus, gives their character a strong will to victory and ambitions. These people are highly responsible and practical. Their interests are many and varied. They know how to easily come up with original ideas. Curious and interested in everything new.

Very stubborn when it comes to their ideas and opinions. Under pressure can do the opposite. In the work they gradually and persistently move towards the goal, which almost always guarantees success. We are ready to fight for the idea for a long time, even if the results are not immediately visible. Surrounding people appreciate their advice and often seek advice.


Personal relationships are romantic and build relationships gradually. They go to true love straight and confident. The partners themselves are looking for a person by similar traits. They like deep and informative conversations and the opportunity to learn something new from each other. They do not like pressure in making decisions about long-term relationships. The partner will have to accept their love to command. In return, he will receive a gentle, attentive and faithful person. They need someone who shares their love for a neat, stylish and harmonious life.

Strengths: sense of humor, practicality, friendliness.
Weaknesses: stubbornness, impulsivity.


The number of life path – 4, it is associated with the keyword “honesty”, which emphasizes your sincerity and frankness.

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