November 3: Birthday Horoscope Personality

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November 3 – Zodiac Sign

If you were born on November 3, your zodiac sign is Scorpio.


The ruling planet on this day – Jupiter makes these people innovative and a little stubborn. Possess sarcastic humor. They like to make fun of what is happening around. Their words are often shocked by conservative people. Love the drama and experiences. Do not be afraid to express their quirkiness, which often leads to frustration, but in general they quickly recover. In fact, very practical and resourceful, have a strong character. Relations with them are complex and passionate.


In personal relations, Monogamous and ready to give everything to a partner. Experiencing deep attachment to a partner, but in response they demand the same. From time to time excessively jealous. They love to express their emotions both physically and emotionally. In the bedroom, passionate and love intimacy.

Strengths: sympathy, insight, caring nature.
Weaknesses: capriciousness, contempt.


The number of life path – 3, it is associated with the keyword “Innovation” that emphasizes your inquisitive mind and ingenuity.

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