Monkey and Pig Compatibility Chinese Astrology

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Monkey and Pig Compatibility

Monkey and Pig Compatibility Chinese AstrologyPig and Monkey have good compatibility. Their qualities converge somewhat, differ somewhat, but in general, they may well create a family.

Pig man and Monkey woman, as a rule, will immediately notice each other and establish mutual understanding. Pig man is a very cheerful, active person. He is very temperamental, intelligent, rational and practical. Monkey woman is a smart, purposeful, energetic and cheerful lady. She seeks to subdue others, including her husband. For this reason, some contradictions are possible, but the uniting factors are much greater. Pig man will be crazy about the liveliness and optimism of his chosen one, and she, in turn, will highly appreciate his intellect and efficiency.
The Pig woman is a very peculiar, secretive person. She is a conservative who is often prone to minimalism and even asceticism. The Monkey man is an energetic intellectual with claims to leadership in everything. Of course, in this pair he will dominate, but he will not abuse his power. In this sense, he is not at all inclined to turn into a house despot, on the contrary – he is attracted by a cozy hearth and all the delights of family life. And the Pig woman can create these charms brilliantly. Relationships within this couple will be based on communication in all senses. Partners for each other are not only husband and wife, but associates and interesting interlocutors.

Monkey and Pig in Chinese horoscope are well combined. The period of “lapping” will not be the easiest, but this union has a future.