Monkey and Monkey Compatibility Chinese Astrology

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Monkey and Monkey Compatibility

Monkey and Monkey Compatibility Chinese AstrologyTwo Monkeys compatibility have average, quite “working.” A set of quality Monkey well combined with its reflection, you only need to be wiser and sometimes put yourself in the place of a partner.

Monkey man and Monkey woman can form a very peculiar union. They understand each other perfectly, but each of them still remains an egoist. The Monkey man is a very intelligent, tactful person, a born diplomat and politician. With this he is always cheerful and optimistic, a sort of sanguine person. The Monkey woman has a similar disposition: she lives an active life, above all an intellectual one. In her head is always full of ideas and multi-pass combinations. In view of the special craving for control, the Monkey woman will try to drive her husband under the heel. In this case, conflicts are possible, since this goes against the life principles of the Monkey man. A truly intelligent woman will still give the man the reins of government, or at least make him think so. In this pair, a happy future is quite possible under the condition of a high level of moral and mental development of both partners. In the opposite case, everyone will pull the blanket over himself and try to control his soul mate, which, of course, will prevent creating a model family.

According to the Chinese horoscope, Monkeys fit well together. Their similarity will be at the same time the cause of some minor conflicts and a consolidating factor.